Can't get below 9.51% hit

Assessed my gems, tried reforging many times. I've also tried Reforge Lite. Seems like 9.51% is the lowest hit I can reforge to... Any suggestions?
Other than finding new pieces of gear without hit I don't think there's much you can do.
You logged out in pvp gear, can't see what your status is.
Other than finding new pieces of gear without hit I don't think there's much you can do.

Pretty much this. Your biggest offender is the hit trinket. It's a really good trinket if you can get the full value of its hit, but that's pretty much all wasted for you.
I know that feel bro
Like Stonebreath, I blame the trinket primarily. The other pieces with hit might be better even if the hit goes to waste, but it's hard to see that trinket being an upgrade over whatever other trinkets you have access to. There's probably a Dominance or Sunreaver trinket that would be better for you even if it is slightly lower ilvl. (You might want to keep the hit one in case you later upgrade other slots to more gear without hit, though.)

Trinkets with wasted stats aren't necessarily better just because they're higher ilvl. You wouldn't wear a higher ilvl tank trinket would you? (Well, I hope you wouldn't). For someone over the hit cap, more hit is *less* useful than stamina; at least the stamina might keep you barely alive in some unlikely set of circumstances.
Since he's dual-wielding, the hit isn't actually wasted - it is a bit of extra dps, it's just not as valuable as other stats.

If you're determined to not go over 7.5% by that much, switch your gems with hit to stam.
Doesn't hit reduce glancing blows though, which, while a very very minor increase, would be a better increase than stam.
Why isn't expertise blue? Its really silly you can't go Agi/Expertise. Expertise is really just "hit but different" in the end.
As soon as you start replacing more of your armor with 502 or 522 gear it will start to even out. Hell... I even started to use agi/stam gem for my blue slots than agi/hit... simply because I would rather defend the stupidity of +stam instead of explaing for the 100th time why I cannot get any lower on my hit.

It's starting to get annoying.

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