70's thread of Dream-walking

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The 70's bracket has become okay due to Dreamwalker being a joke, and to ICC Progression 7/12

We are currently still trying to draw attention to the issue of the monk class not having a Brutal or other non-90 PvP set, which puts it at a severe disadvantage in the bracket.
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6714292601#1 <- Support the release of the monk Brutal set!


BG queues are usually NOT as frequent as they used to be, but are becoming shorter and shorter as we get further into MOP. Queue times can be 5-10 minutes on certain days , and are shorter for Horde than Alliance. At times they can take 25 minutes to 1.5 hours, but this is also why you shouldn’t queue at 4am on weekdays or live in Australia.Joining the 70 twink bracket requires you to manually stop gaining experience (no more xpac capped accounts), which you can do via your faction’s respective “experience eliminator” NPC.


This is the first level bracket that has access to PvP gear with resilience. Brutal gear vendors can be located in Stormwind in the Champion's Hall, Orgrimmar in Hall of Legends, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, Area 52 in Netherstorm, and Dalaran Sewers. A full set of PvP gear (set, offset, weapons, etc.) costs ~2.3k honor. It is advised to obtain honor before hitting 70. It is also not advised to stack purely resilience gems, as your base passive resil plus the brutal already scales into quite a bit of resil at 70. If you’re unsure of what to gem, ask the thread and give your class/spec to enable us to help you.Gear from the Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple, and some other level 70 raids are also strong for this bracket, particularly for “glass cannon” type characters which focus on damage rather than resilience. Raids are fairly easy to coordinate via RealID – don’t be a stranger, exchange battletags with the forum and we can help you.


You can level professions to 450. While any professions will suffice, a combination of Engineering, Jewelcrafting, and/or Blacksmithing are considered the best. Engineering currently has powerful items/tinkers available to 70s. For those of you who may have questions regarding how tinkers work at 450, they are explained in the link below:http://www.twinkinfo.com/forums/f28/cata-engineering-tinkers-you-%4070-15583/

+Gems and Enchants+

Arcanist Ivrenne (Alliance) and Magistrix Lambriesse (Horde) will sell uncut epic gems in Dalaran; all gems cost 220 Justice Points. Honor can be converted to JP (1:1.5 ratio) at the PvP Quartermaster in SW or Org. The accessories QM will also sell a PvP shoulder enchant.New JC's may not have the recipes you want (i.e. +20 PvP Power from blue Majestic Zircon gem). They are bought in Dalaran...same goes for a lot of WOTLK (60+) enchants. bel-air get out. Enchanting mats for 70 twinks are found off Northrend items. Almost all of the enchants we use in this bracket have a "Level 60 or higher" requirement, but a very small select few of the "Level 35 or higher" (Burning Crusade) enchantments are viable, i.e. crit+hit to boots.

+70 vs. 74+

By leveling to 71+ you gain some base stats, some abilities, an increase in base damage, a higher chance to be missed by players, and access to the level 71 archaeology axe (Nifflevar Bearded Axe.) However, at 74, stat scaling causes severe decay to your secondary stats (Up to a 25% loss in resilience, nearly 40-50% of pvp power, etc.)

+Rated PvP+

2s, 3s, and RBGs pop occasionally.

+Additional Information+


+Active Guilds and Servers+

Madoran: <Fence Warmers> [PvE] (Alliance)
Aggramar: <First Class Gaming> [PvP] (Alliance)
Moon Guard: <Twisted Nethers> [PvP PvE] (Alliance) http://pastebin.com/wEtgY5Yb
Tichondrius: <Twinklyfe> [PvP] (Horde)
Thrall: <Caliber> [PvP PvE] (Horde) http://caliber.guildomatic.com/
ICC Progression:


Festergut: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/559844831488114625/FA90DBFF56731EDDF29D919CD4C9DABC5132A40D/
Saurfang: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/559845346020612697/024C541BC1B82B26D27D50D0BDABEAB0D8FFDF48/


cant believe my bedtime, you guys should raid around 6:00 so I can join you again <3
are games popping?
No, games are not popping, Battlegrounds on the other hand, yes, sit outside your fellow duel area (elwynn or dorotar) and duel for the 40 minute wait time
new thread finally up
There's always gonna be another mountain, i'm always gonna wanna make it move.
04/03/2013 11:02 AMPosted by Dreamstrike
Idk what your logic is behind thinking i would report the only people who are helping me keep the threads entertaining :) and also it was Tcat who told me you report all my posts. You scum.

wasn't necessarily directed at you, just figured it was you or earthy judging by the fact that none of your posts were reported, but all of theirs (which presumably made one of you mad) were. it's kind of the logical conclusion to draw when going down the page I see reported icons for like half the pages, and they're only for the people who said something mean to one of you.
and also that's not even true, I haven't been reporting anyone at all. I reported 1 post because I assumed you were one of the ones nerdraging and getting 70% of my posts deleted, and maybe that would get you to knock it off when you realize that getting banned for 1 month for saying something that wasn't even bad, just because people don't like you, kinda sucks. ;)
I will report for that thing I told light though, but that's only because if I see someone say that I immediately hate them as a human being and will enjoy ruining their day, week or month in just the same way that they like to ruin the lives and psychological health of others. ^-^
in any case it's probably about time we stop trying to figure out who's reporting because obviously they're woman-specific anatomical parts and it's not like they're gonna say they did it.
this is the last thing I'm gonna say about reporting (knock on wood) and just to keep this on-topic, does anyone anticipate the bracket going back to a Cata state of things if resil gets nerfed?

i read half of this but yeah idc enough to report for one and it wasnt me who reported any posts ever lmao might have been earthy but i doubt it. It was me light1 zyrith earthyqt and Hooq on skype last night during the whole thing i doubt any of them reported posts lmaoz.
because we're not on-topic and mods occasionally like to send the message that we are supposed to be on-topic. hence, we should talk about 70s. the discussions about "theorycrafting" should please them.

04/03/2013 09:32 AMPosted by Valencia
bel-air get out.

These forums are ish.
More fun last night than any of the forums previous.
Blizzard needs to fix the Carp catch rate.....
Battleground discussion thread of dreamwalking for 70s.
does anyone anticipate the bracket going back to a Cata state of things if resil gets nerfed?

I think it needs to go back too TBC pvp..
I think too needs to go back too TBC pvp..

If only,

Can start with the old talent trees, those were nice.

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