Troll or Undead Monk?

I really dig how Troll Monks can stand, and I've always loved the classic animation of them crouching. Armor looks pretty cool on them too, but then there's Undead... there's something intriguing about breaking out the kung fu on someone and then eating them.
According to realmpop, trolls are the least represented race for monks in the horde. They make up 2.2% of all level 90 horde monks. Undead make up 6.8%.

So if being unique means anything to you, troll would make you stand out more.
Pandas lie down on their belly...
I do rather enjoy my mini-BL for emergencies as a tank, more white hits means a higher chance for Gifts of the Ox

Also, the extra 5% damage against beasts is fairly situational, but still a DPS increase should you be fighting any bosses that are categorized as beasts

You won't really notice Troll regeneration to much, but it's there, and does what it says it does, what is it? like 1% health every 2 seconds in combat?

EDIT: 0,0011 x [Your HP] = HP / 2 sec is something I found on wowhead, so just kind of put that in perspective over the course of a long fight

I do enjoy the undeads life steal, I haven't put it to much to the test as a tanking character, but it's extra damage/healing, and it's passive
I think they're both good choices. I went undead so I could RP being a former Scarlet Monk (SM had monks many years before MoP came out) but animation-wise they both work well.

As far as the racials, Trolls get a haste buff and Undead get an extra PvP trinket. Note that WotF can be used right after Elusive Brew to break fear a third time. Both of them get additional self-healing.

The Trolls' Dead Eye racial won't be much use to you though.
Haste buff, bonus damage vs Beasts, and most importantly, style. That's why you roll Troll.
Haste buff, bonus damage vs Beasts, and most importantly, style. That's why you roll Troll.

With Touch of the Grave we get bonus damage vs. everything though :P
undead.. bawsss..
undead in snake stance. so awesome. pokey pokey bony fingers.

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