Come to Gul'dan!

Guild Recruitment
If you are thinking of transferring to a new server (alone, with guild, starting fresh) I highly suggest you check out Gul'dan!

What you should know about Gul'dan:

We are a social and friendly server in which most value the community they have within their guilds and on server.

Gul'dan is a pvp server, and since there's a sense of conflict between the factions, the factions tend to be close knit. Most of us find pvp thrilling and fun, especially if you're Horde. Horde definitely runs Gul'dan. Those that are into pvp will also enjoy World Pvp which is unique and more challenging since it will require some players to be ready for anything at any time. We have a lot of players interested in pvp on this server. I personally don't think that Horde has much to worry about when it comes to griefing considering the server is primarily ran be Horde (sorry allies : /) so it's somewhat hard to mess with us. But thx to xrealms we have more to mess with lol.

The server is a central server (Chicago time), which tends to be the best type of server to be on when progressing. Eastern servers tend to be too early, while pacific time servers are too late. Central is a good medium for most people. We have guilds that raid (pve and pvp) at different times in the day, so there should be many options for you to be a part of. Plus, if you are either transferring your guild over here or may be thinking of starting fresh on this server, central servers is a safe bet to go because you can find raiders from almost anywhere that may be interested in your raid times.

We're a low populated server (But we mainly fluctuate between low and medium now), which means we don't have to wait through terrible wait queues during peak hours or wait til other people have completely logged off on a certain realm to log in. This server is usually very welcoming of new players (except for those that just want to troll for funs). Most guilds are more willing to be helpful to newer players and have a higher patience for less experienced players than other servers. Although we're friendly to newer players, there's a lot of experienced and well rounded players/guilds on Gul'dan that are looking for players similar.

We don't have huge competition over resources (like herbs and mining nodes like a high pop server might) and we don't have the problems of finding important quest mobs. Since we don't have a crazy amount of peeps in main capital cities, we don't have the lag issues, disconnects or computer problems.

Overall, playing on Gul'dan is enjoyable. We have great players with different levels of experience and play skill. People are friendly here and is a permanent home for many of us.

Links in regards to Gul'dan:
(on the shadysblog site)
Gul'dan Forums:

What do Gul'dan Players say about the realm?!

Insanyti <Shady Shenanigans>
"Close sense of community, you get to know who you play with"
"I fell more alone playing no a high pop server where people ignore each other. I play to play with people"

Phingerbang <Murder of Crows>
"we have tons of babes"
"our guilds are way less elitist than a lot of other servers"

Voodoobrew <Shady Shenanigans>
"I've been here for a few days and I love it [Gul'dan] more than my last server"
"less trade chat headaches, less quest kill competition, you can farm rares"
"most importantly, less douchebags as a whole"

Daedrus <Shammy Stole My Bike>
"MoP zones have less people to deal with"

BigBeef <Hands of the Forgotten>
"I really like this server because there are many unique people here and a great environment to be around. Also, pvp has been getting pretty big here."

Flexibow <Vindicated>
"the people here aren't d**cks"
"the guilds are nice"

Brambles <Shady Shenanigans>
"everyone that I've met is friendly and conversational and whenever you make friends with someone here or you talk to someone, its hard to forget them because you see them all the time."

Deadroc <Shady Shenanigans>
"no competition in AH... make that $$$$"
"-and best of all... you can FARM in peace!"

Kvlt <Phat Lootz n Epix>
"a smaller population foster a stronger server community since everybody basically knows everyone else"
"reputation counts, so people are generally not !@#$%^-s, because they'll be remembered"

Woodfist <Damage and Healing>
"It's been my home for more than 5 years"
"lots of good memories"

Gul'dan is a great server and I you should think about coming to Gul'dan!

Add me for more info:
Interesting post. Sounds like a Realm Recruitment post and you might get more traction for this type of thing on the Recruitment Forum.

As a side note, it would be helpful, in my opinion, to have guild leaders from some of the guilds on your realm post on this thread, As a testimonial of sorts.

Good Luck.
Hey Dedaol,

Yea I posted this on General forums, recruitment forums and Gul'dan forums and we've already had a few peeps from our server (some that already had testimonials and others that are also guild leaders).

It makes sense to place this post on the Guild Leadership forums too because there may be some guilds that are thinking of transferring and I wanted to ensure that this post would get noticed by them :) On the guild recruitment forums, most guild leaders dont look there for possible realms to go to. They look to recruit members.
Realms need to stop trying to save themselves.

Xfer. Pull the plug.
Realms need to stop trying to save themselves.

Demo, why would we leave when the majority of us want to be here? This is our home and if you actually read my post you'll see that many people feel the same way. Saying to just xfer and pull the plug is redic because we're not trying to become a high populated server.. we're welcoming others to join our home because we believe its a fun server and if peeps are transferring or thinking of starting fresh, why not here? We would love the extra competition and those that xfer here won't have to deal with haterz pushing them off server (or deal with personality such as yours). Please read my post rather than just believe its a cry for peeps to 'save' us.
Any players or guilds thinking of having a fresh start?! Check out Gul'dan :) We would like some more competition.
This actually sounds like a great server. I might just transfer over to the horde side, great post also if your guild is recruiting it would be awesome to join or maybe others you know of thanks.
This actually sounds like a great server. I might just transfer over to the horde side, great post also if your guild is recruiting it would be awesome to join or maybe others you know of thanks.

I know my guild is always recruiting, but if you are wanting more options here is a guild listing of the type of guilds on our server: (Mind you not all of the guilds are in this list)
Fun server great peeps Shady is always a good home...
Fun server great peeps Shady is always a good home...

<3 TY
Anyone else thinking of maybe heading over to Gul'dan?
We have a few great peeps that are xferring over! So happy to have met some of you :)
I would have considered it...if it wasnt a pvp server, when I chose to move I chose Lightbringer :P But I dont lik erunning around flagged all the time lol

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