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I have a 2.2ghz quad-core Phenom 9500 processor. I'm wondering if there is a simple motherboard form factor replacement chip or if I should just replace the motherboard and processor?

I was thinking of replacing the hard drive and realized that the real bottleneck was my processor.

Appreciate suggestions.
Old Phenom? Although you could upgrade to a compatible Phenom II CPU, I rather recommend you get a new CPU, motherboard, and RAM.

It's possible your hard drive uses IDE interface; be warned most of the motherboards out there today won't sport one.

If you are using such an old system, your GPU and power supply, as well as the case, may not be up to snuff.
The power supply was replaced with a much better and larger one which I had to do when I replaced the video with a Radeon 6870. Hard drive is an Hitachi ATA not IDE.

But the processor is really a bottleneck.

From what you are saying, it would be better to replace the CPU, motherboard and RAM.



Time of this report: 3/13/2013, 17:34:56
Machine name: STEVE-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.130104-1431)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Gateway
System Model: LX6200-01
BIOS: Default System BIOS
Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) 9500 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 7936MB RAM
Page File: 2964MB used, 12903MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
The case may or may not use propriety case plugs which may or may not be compatible with off the shelf components.

The case appears to be of a standard mid-tower case supporting ATX motherboard. But I won't be too sure without a picture showing insides of the case.

If you want to make sure zero issues with the new motherboard, it may be a good idea to buy a new case. Cases aren't that expensive.

Besides that, I recommend replacing motherboard, CPU, and RAM - you already have a capable graphics card.
I've a Fry's nearby. I've bought cases from them before.

Should I wait for the next wave of motherboard/chip releases or are things stable?

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5592454629#2 was interesting, though there is a lot of back and forth I've noticed on Intel v. AMD on the forums right now.

Thanks again for all your suggestions.
if you want to get another amd, wait till the next gen. the fx-8xxx series are decent, but a properly over clocked phenom ii 965 will still keep up fairly well with the fx-6300....

if you want to go with intel, the next generation (haswel i think) isn't going to be a giant improvement over the ivy/sandy processors. on that note, people still like the sandy bridge because the sandy processors are great over clockers.
Thank you again for the advice.
The FX-x3xx processors are really good, and they compete with non-overclocked Intel chips nicely.

Honestly, at this point, waiting for Steamroller I won't really recommend. While I'm sure it will be a nice improvement over Piledriver, it's not going to come out for quite awhile, most recent date I've heard is early 2014. I doubt you want to wait that long.

But the good news is, you could pick up a good AM3+ motherboard and say, an FX-6300 right now, and upgrade to Steamroller when it comes out. The FX-6300 is still a good performing chip, and it is quite low priced.

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