[A] Mephisto Waltz 10Man - Weekend Raiding

Mephisto Waltz of Saurfang alliance is recruiting for its 10man raid team

Mephisto Waltz created during 4.2 is looking for a tank and 2-3 dps for its core 10main raid team

What we require - to be on time to raids as we have a lack of attendance, to pull your weight, we don't want to carry people, we want to be part of a team, and all raiders must have vent.


Firelands -7/7 Normal Mode with 1/7 HM

Dragon Soul - 8/8 Normal Mode with 7/8 HM

T14 - Now at 16/16 Normal modes - tranquil masters

Throne Of Thunder - Currently 1/12 Normal Mode

Raid Times

We raid 2 nights a week on friday and saturday from 8-11 pm server time (GMT+10)

In need of 1 Non DK tank and 2-3 dps (prefer a lock and boomkin)

Contact by posting here or add me on battle net (Mchotdawg#6653)

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