Mote of Harmony advice for an 85?

Is there an area that an 85 could farm 1-2 Spirits relatively easily? It kinda sucks they're bop and not boa, I wouldn't have this problem if so.
Yep, any mob that you can physically kill in Pandaria. It's a random drop.

Once you are 90, you can then fly to Halfhill and start leveling your farm. At revered you will have 12 slots and be able to plant songbell that drop one mote each. At exalted that increases to 16, or 1.6 spirits a day with roughly 3 mins of work.

Until then, all you can do is quest.
Unfortunately crafting professions are throttled with harmonys, that you cannot get at 85. They were not soulbound on the beta :(
It could take you so long randomly killing mobs that you could have just quested to 90. The drop rate is so random like that. I think on my 3 90s I got there with maybe 2 spirits total. I quested, but a good part of questing is killing mobs too.
Yeah, I was looking for 2 Spirits for my lvl 86 scribe to make an offhand. So I started grinding/questing with him. It took me about four hours to get them and he ended up nearly lvl 87 by that time. I got the first 17 pretty fast then hit a long long dry patch. My arm still hurts from that grinding.
The drop rate on motes is determined by your level. A 90 has maybe 3 times the chance at getting one off a mob compared to a lvl 85.

However, if you need a few a good place to farm them at a lower level is the snow sprite cave just north of One Keg in Kun-lai.
I had a level 90 mage friend help me farm 5 spirits killing turtles in valley of the four winds. I was a level 85 warlock, and needed to make the BoA staff. The whole process even with the help of a level 90 took about three hours. It was both of us killing mobs, and if she found a mote she would tell me to loot it.
Nice thing is I gained about 2/3rd of an experience bar from grinding for motes.

You can use a level 85, it's just gonna be much slower. I was using a +1000 int flask, and +250 into food, which is enough spellpower to one shot chaos bolt a turtle.
Yes. You can farm a few motes at 85, and get them while still only halfway to 86. Just find places to kill them nonstop due to rapid respawn. The above posters mention a couple, some more are below.

You can also get to the high-level city in the Vale (to buy recipes with the Spirits) at 85, by going up the stairs from Valley to Kun-Lai summit, west across that zone, up onto the wall, then south along the top of the wall and dropping into the Vale (a little ways south, the northernmost point has 90 mobs).

Places I know of for a nonstop supply, killable at level 85:

1. Alliance starter quest when you land in Pandaria, killing orcs running accross the field. You can kill for many hours if you don't turn the quest in. Stand still, they come to you. My hunter did 4 per minute.

2. Turtles at the lake in the north-easternmost lake in Valley of the 4 winds. If you're a skinner go here. My priest does 4 a minute now, but at 85 maybe only 2 or 3. It's an 86 zone but they have only 110k HP.

3. Little friendly sprites (and the big bears fighting them) - from the emperor's Omen flight path go a very short way north and across the stream.

4. The Horde starter quest when you land in Pandaria, killing tigers in the field between the starter town and Alliance fort (and up the hill to southwest a bit). You have to run to these, but UNTIL you turn the quest in they are non-aggro, so you can just run around quickly, not worrying about having to fight 2 at once.

5. The snow sprite cave mentioned above may be a little harder at level 85, but okay too.
There is no easy way to get them unless you are 90 and can farm 16 motes daily at your farm. Other than that it is all RNG drops.
The drop rate on motes is determined by your level. A 90 has maybe 3 times the chance at getting one off a mob compared to a lvl 85..

Is it the player's level or the mob you are killing level? I'm guessing the latter.
Higher level mods have have a higher chance of dropping motes.
Darkmoon Faire is open this week. You can go there and fish up Sealed Crates which have a decent drop rate.

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