[A] Has Aggro recruiting DPS for 10M

Has Aggro is looking for 3 additional DPS to fill out our 10 man raid team. We are a laid back guild of mostly young professionals just starting our ToT progression. Come join us!

Our raid times are Thurs. & Sat. 5:30-8:00 p.m. ST.

Our ideal raider is someone who can consistently make raids and is reasonably proficient at their class.

Preference will be given to mages, warlocks, DPS warriors, and DPS monks as these are the classes we do not have, but all are welcome to apply.

Please contact Mavalda/Avlam in game for an invite.

We're still looking for skilled players to join us. Send me a tell in game if you think you may be a good fit.
How long has this group be working on Horridon?
How long has this group be working on Horridon?

We've maybe spent 3 hours in total on him, over 3 or 4 nights, every time with 3 different random pugs. So the equivalent of one night of raiding but with rotating people? We've made it past all the doors on several of the later attempts. According to DBM, I have 25 wipes on Horridon.

With a consistent group (we have 7 long term raiders atm, all with great attendance), we should be able to have steady progression through ToT.

As a general rule, through all content since Burning Crusade, Has Aggro clears the current tier on normal before it gets nerfed. I believe that until T14 (where we lost 4 players to RL mid-tier), we've always achieved that.

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