The Jade Forest and Valley of the Four Winds

This is my first character I'm leveling to 90 and after hitting 86 I've loved The Jade Forest zone and decided to try and complete every quest-line within the zone. I'm currently 39% in and have four story-lines in the zone to go until completion. I haven't even done many dungeons yet and I may or may not get to 87 before getting far in the Valley main storyline.

Is this a stupid idea? Am I'm going to need to do the main Valley of the Four Winds quests anyway before I came move on to Kun-Lai Summit? Should I just come back after I hit 90 and finish those quests later?
You should level however you want.

On my first 90, I quested in each zone until I got the achievement for it, with the exception of Krasarang Wilds since it was the same level range as the Valley. I enjoyed the story lines through each zone and wasn't concerned with getting to 90 as soon as possible. And in the end, it only took me a few days longer to hit 90 than my guildies that were just trying to hit max level asap.

Now I just quest in each zone until I get the breadcrumb quest to the next zone and move on.

If your enjoying the story and want to to finish the zone, go for it. If you want to skip most of the Valley and head straight to Kun-lai, then do it.

I'd recommend making sure you stop in Halfhill in the Valley so you can get your farm started, but there's no reason to quest there if you don't want to.
Thanks for the reply, I have started Valley and may get to the part where you start your own farm then return to the Forest.
I didn't do Dread Wastes or Town-Long Steppes until I was 90. Flying makes them easier because it can take some gear and learning to deal with mob density in these zones. They mobs are at least twice as powerful than any other zone as well.

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