Question about Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick

Okay, straight to the point.

Will having both a gnomish army knife and the pandaren mining pick in my bags cancel out the proc chance off the panda pick for gems? It has such a ridiculously low proc rate to begin with, I can't tell.
It's a weapon, the gnomish army knife isn't a weapon. Since they are different equipment you can still carry both in your bag. The +10 mining probably won't stack, but you should still have the really really low chance to get a gem from the weapons proc.
You can still get gems with both of them. On my mining toon i have mined about 2 gems in a month with both items in my bag.
It's just a very low drop rate with severe RNG. It's just a little bonus. If you *need* gems, send your green ones with golden lotus to a transmute alchemist.

My miner has the army knife and mining pick and gotten a few gems but I don't count on it.
Thank you guys for the responses. I wasnt sure, but either way the gem proc is ridiculously low, thanks again!
It seems that I don't get the +10 to mining with Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick on my Warlock does that mean that it will not work for me at all? And is the reason I'm not getting the bonus because lock's can't use an Axe even though it plainly says on the item that it does not need to be equipped. Does anyone else have this problem and or have any suggestions for this issue?
Do you already have an item that grants +10 to mining?

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