70's thread of Badness

The 70's bracket has become pathetic due to the influx of FotM's and eng carries post-Wrath.

We are currently still trying to draw attention to ourselves because we think we are still important!


BG queues are usually NOT as frequent as they used to be, which is no surprise given the bracket is mostly dead save for a few egomaniacs who can't handle PvP at max level.

+Broken Scaling+

This is the first level bracket that has access to PvP gear with resilience. Brutal gear vendors can be located in Stormwind in the Champion's Hall, Orgrimmar in Hall of Legends, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, Area 52 in Netherstorm, and Dalaran Sewers. A full set of PvP gear (set, offset, weapons, etc.) costs ~2.3k honor. It is advised to obtain honor before hitting 70. It is also not advised to stack purely resilience gems, as your base passive resil plus the brutal already scales into quite a bit of resil at 70. If you’re unsure of what to gem, ask the thread and give your class/spec to enable us to help you.Gear from the Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple, and some other level 70 raids are also strong for this bracket, particularly for “glass cannon” type characters which focus on damage rather than resilience. Raids are fairly easy to coordinate via RealID – don’t be a stranger, exchange battletags with the forum and we can help you.

You can level professions to 450. While any professions will suffice, a combination of Engineering, Jewelcrafting, and/or Blacksmithing are considered the best. Engineering currently has powerful items/tinkers available to 70s. For those of you who may have questions regarding how tinkers work at 450, they are explained in the link below:http://www.twinkinfo.com/forums/f28/cata-engineering-tinkers-you-%4070-15583/

Arcanist Ivrenne (Alliance) and Magistrix Lambriesse (Horde) will sell uncut epic gems in Dalaran; all gems cost 220 Justice Points. Honor can be converted to JP (1:1.5 ratio) at the PvP Quartermaster in SW or Org. The accessories QM will also sell a PvP shoulder enchant.New JC's may not have the recipes you want (i.e. +20 PvP Power from blue Majestic Zircon gem). They are bought in Dalaran...same goes for a lot of WOTLK (60+) enchants. bel-air get out. Enchanting mats for 70 twinks are found off Northrend items. Almost all of the enchants we use in this bracket have a "Level 60 or higher" requirement, but a very small select few of the "Level 35 or higher" (Burning Crusade) enchantments are viable, i.e. crit+hit to boots.

+70 vs. 74+

By leveling to 71+ you are no longer a 70 twink, just a scrub who wants access to cool stuff like pally wings or the arch axe. Don't do this.

+Scrubs Who Think They're Good+

Madoran: <Fence Warmers> [PvE] (Alliance)
Aggramar: <First Class Gaming> [PvP] (Alliance)
Moon Guard: <Twisted Nethers> [PvP PvE] (Alliance) http://pastebin.com/wEtgY5Yb
Tichondrius: <Twinklyfe> [PvP] (Horde)
Thrall: <Caliber> [PvP PvE] (Horde) http://caliber.guildomatic.com/
Random making a new thread when the one up isn't capped....ok then
Who TF are you
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cap pls



Look at this whole thing. It's hilarious

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