How is this possible?

I was under the impression all damage taken would interupt people capping flags. I was just in AB and channeling crackling jade on a couple people capping at different times throughout the match and both times, they were able to keep capping even while taking my damage.

Is it only physical damage that will interupt them?
Not sure about channeled, but dots or bleeds dont prevent you from capping.
I've tried this tactic before as well. It seems crackling jade lightning doesn't work to keep them from capping. I usually have to run in and do a spinning crane kick to interupt it.
Dots, non-damaging effects, and targeted-on-the-ground AoEs(Death and decay, blizzard, rain of fire) do not disrupt. Its possible that CJL is considered a dot maybe? I'm not sure.
04/06/2013 12:37 PMPosted by Makeitbleed
Its possible that CJL is considered a dot maybe?

It goes through Deterrence. It's a DoT.
Ya, mind sear won't stop it unless they are the primary target either.

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