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Myself, a holidin, along with a portion of my guild on Executus are looking to transfer to this server soon.
We bring a wide variety of toons: a couple of healers, a tank, several DPS both ranged and melee.
We have been a guild for just under 3 years, our anniversary is actually April 17. However, Executus' population is simply gone. All the major guilds are gone, and Ally is grossly outnumbered by the Horde.
So, we are looking for a semi-casual raiding guild. We're not so much interested in Hard Modes, but I'm sure we'd be willing to give it a go. We raid now Sunday and Thursday nights, starting at 830pm EST, and looking for something similar. Most of us have experience raiding since wrath, all tiers, so we're not completely new to this.
The reason we're looking to transfer is that with player decline, we've lost too many raiders to maintain a solid raid group, and that has destroyed our progression.
So, we're looking for a mature guild, looking for a group of ppl to join and help raid.
Hello Akille,

We made a jump to Stormrage in January for similar reasons on our old server. In that time we have grown quite a bit, and your current raid times would not conflict with anything we currently have on the calendar. Many of our members are casual raiders and/or have multiple raid-ready alts with experience that could benefit your current progression and further content. We are an adult-only guild and plan to stay that way.

We also have non-progression activities such as mount runs, guild scenarios/dungeons, and "throwback" raids for meta achievements, transmogs, etc. If this sounds like a good fit for you and your guildies, please feel free to contact me on my battletag @ Invictis#1189.


Would love to talk to you some more hit me up battle tag hob#1294
Hello Akille. Please consider joing -RAGE-
We are a 25m raiding guild currently 12/12 ToT
Raid nights are Mon, Tues and Wed 9:30p to 12:30a server
We have immediate core spots available.
Check us out at rageraiding.com and submit an app.


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