<AntiSocial> Is recruiting for RBGs

Want to run with a guild that does RBGs 1-2 times weekly? We are a casual PVP guild that has transferred from a PVE server to KT a few months ago.

AntiSocial is also on the PVE server Dreanor with over 300 members and we then created a second guild on KT with about 50 members. This is on the Alliance side.

It has taken us a little over 2 months to bring our guild from level 1 to level 22.

Everyone who joins the guild has instant guild repairs and access to the guild tabs.

We are a casual RBG team that isn't to serious, but we are looking to push our rating up. If you're looking to join AntiSocial on KT please add me as a battletag friend and I will throw you an invite :)


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