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<Adversary> a lvl 25 guild on Thrall(EST) is looking for some good players to join us for ToT progression raids, social raids, and just plain having a good time on WoW. We're a group of players that have been around since vanilla and have an adult, at home atmosphere. We have four 10 man raid teams that raid through out the week, and we run old content and have weekly, monthly, contests and events. We have perks and rewards for every rank!

Raiding Info:

We are 10 man 2 a week raids, so we require a higher attendance rate than most. We're looking for raiders who can commit to the scheduled raid times, and do the work to better themselves and the raid. Most teams I would catagorize as semi-hardcore raid teams, we're trying our best to push progression, but we keep the atmosphere light.

Progression: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Weekday team - 6/6 MV - 6/6 HoF - 4/4 ToES - 1/13H ToT (Started Jan. 2nd 2013) -
Mon/Wed/Thurs 9pm-12am EST

Weekday team 3 - 6/6 MV - 6/6 HoF - 4/4 ToES - 12/12 ToT (Started April 10th) -
Wed/Thurs 9pm-1am EST

Afternoon team - 6/6 MV - 6/6 HoF - 4/4 ToES - 12/12 ToT (Started Jun. 19th 2013) -
Mon-Thurs 1pm-4pm EST


Weekday team - LF 2 Healers (nonpally) and 1 RDPS 515+ for Heroic Raiding -
Mon, Wed & Thurs 9pm-1am EST

Weekday team 3 - LF 1 Tank non plate -
Wed & Thursdays 9pm-1am EST

Afternoon team - 2 RDPS MAGE-LOCK-ELESHAM - Bench spots available -
Mon-Thurs 1pm-4pm EST

Social Guildies - Always recruiting fun active players.

*****5.4 25 Man Team Recruitment******

We are preparing for the next bit of content and are planning to pick up more players for a 25 man team. If you are interested in raiding, we are looking to fill all slots for this team. This team will raid weeknights only, during the time frame of 7pm-12am server, **permanent times TBD**. If you'd like to join and get prepared for the next patch please contact us in game.

***Management Openings***

Social Officer - Like to plan guild events and organize parties? We're looking for a fun outgoing individual to help keep our guildies entertained. Contact an officer in game for an application.

Weekend Raid Lead - The weekend raid team is looking for a full time raid leader to manage team events and lead the team to victory, perfect if you want to try leading a more casual raiding team.

Social Applicants!

Want to join a guild that has an at home atmosphere, is fun to hang out in, and has weekly, monthly contests/events?! Well look no further, we're a fast growing guild built on this foundation. Bring your friends along as we clear old content for transmog gear and achievements, and join us as we host our monthly guild gatherings! Whether you're looking for a fun place to play, or just looking for a place to call home, our guild would be a perfect fit for you.

Contact Info:

If you're interested in any of the above positions, or would like to know more, please feel free to contact us in game or by email.

GM - Aumaan - Sacrificeall#1969

Social Officer - Prya - Priya#1285

Raid Lead - Callmeepic - trv2020@hotmail.com

New Raid Spots available!
I am adding Sacrificeall#1969 to apply for the saturday sunday raid team.
:3 bump
Updated and still looking for players!
Could your weekend team use a 506 lock? I have 9/12 exp.
Updated need a dps for M/W raid and Healers for Tues/Thurs Raid!
Updated and still looking
Looking for some healers for raids!
Still need to fill some spots <3
Updated and Looking for some good players!!!

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