Mouseover macros and how to use them...

Hey all... I've been playing since release and have never used a 'mouseover' macro before.

I just started a hunter to mess around with for fun and wanted to use a mouseover macro to apply Hunter's Mark on my target, if hostile. I've searched google and found a few, some simple, some doing multiple things. (like auto pet attacks and such) This is the one of the more basic ones I've found:

/cast [target=mouseover, harm, exists] [harm, exists] Hunter's Mark

Now, here's the dumb question. How does this actually work? I'm assuming I hover my mouse over a hostile target, but I still need to press a button bound to that macro, correct? So, usually I don't tab-target, just select it with Mouse Button 1... could I bind it to that?

Thanks for any info!

Unfortunately mouse-over macros won't work with actual mouse buttons (in my experience). However various addons certainly allow for this capacity, such as Serenity allowing you to cast Misdirection by right-clicking on your party/raid frames.

Essentially just have your mouse over the bar/nameplate or actual figure of your intended target then hit the macro.
Thanks for the info!


I also noticed that even if I forget to activate Hunter's Mark, a lot of the abilities (if not all?) now automatically put it on your target.
Serenity is now called JSHB 4, the misdirection addon to is is a companion one.

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