[H]<Blood of Vengeance> is looking for YOU!

Hello Turalyon!

I wanted to take a little bit of your time to let you know about a new guild on the server that's looking for any and all members to get off the ground. BoV is the result of two raid/guild leaders with experience reaching back to TBC and vanilla deciding to put down roots on Turalyon and build the kind of guild they'd like to be in. We're raiders at heart, and love getting a group of friends to push content, but when the raid's over we love to laugh and shoot the breeze as well, on alt characters or while doing dailies, etc.

What BoV will be is a place where any and all people can have a great time conversing, running dungeons together, or pvp'ing for those so inclined, while at the same time knowing that we're building towards a competitive raid team that's ready to tackle the latest content. We've led raid teams for years now, and the guild will definitely focus on that aspect of the game, but at the same time we love a good community, and we don't think the two are mutually exclusive.

To make this vision happen, we're looking for you! We're actively recruiting anyone looking for a great community experience with the end goal of quickly establishing a raid team that can hold its own. Any class and level character is more than welcome to help us level up BoV and make it a great place to be!

If you're interested in joining the guild, or have any specific questions, feel free to whisper or send an in-game mail to me (Alt+0223 is the code for ß), or Shaydee, my partner in crime. =)

Thanks for your time, have a great day Turalyon!
My name is Shaydee, and I approve this message.

Also don't send mail to this toon YET...shes still on another server atm >.>

But Yoìnkz (My Turalyon lowbie alt) is available for harassment any time of the day!

the I in Yoìnkz is Alt code 141 ^_^

Talk to you soon!! <3333

Also...we have cookies...

..none for you, mind you..but we have them... and that is what is important!!!
bump ^_^
Bump! About to hit level 5 in the 4 days we've been active, still looking for any great people interested!

We're looking for a healer with a well-known DPS offspec (preferably a Holy Paladin or Resto Shaman) interested in joining up with us. Raid times at the moment are Mon/Wed 8p-12a server. Please send me an in-game mail or respond here if you're interested!

Also still recruiting any level/class. Come and join the party!

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