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There's a new NPC in the Cleft of Shadows, Overseer Elaglo, a level 90 elite wearing Dreadnaught gear. He's also the boss of the Secrets of Ragefire, but he didn't phase out after I did it.

4/12 Ally title is now "Instigator" rather than "Darkspear Revolutionary".

This title might work better if we were instigating anything rather than just running pre-planned errands for Vol'jin on a conflict he already started.

Dutifully following Vol'jin's orders isn't instigating a thing.

It's also p. disappointing the title isn't even really directly alliance-related or inspired. Would be nice to have a less generic title. SI:7 Operative maybe?
SI:7 should probably be included in the title.
SI:7 should probably be included in the title.

Yeah, SI:7 Operative would feel a lot cooler.
How many times do we gotta clear out those ice trolls anyway? You'd think the dwarves would just put a permanent guard there.
Something I learned from a friend. Dark Shaman Xornath is actually Invoker Xornath from the instance quest giver.
Bloodoath? Has anyone playing the PTR seen any mention of it? I didn't see any mention of it in the exchange w Vol'jin as a Horde, nor did I see any of the Garrosh Horde calling out the player for breaking it.

Again, I'd like to keep this thread 'just the facts'. It's like a Sancturary thread! :P
4/18 New PTR build.

Ally title is now "the Hordebreaker" (formerly "Instigator", originally "Darkspear Revolutionary").

Also as promised by Kosak, ally now has a new talk back response to Vol'jin. Full dialog for that is:
Vol'jin Optional Dialog 2:
Question: Why should we help you? What if we kept the Barrens supplies for ourselves?
<Vol'jin cackles, the stench of his hot breath reeking in your nostrils.>

Oh, ya got annudda plan? I got anudda plan, too. I let ya siege Orgrimmar on ya own. See how far ya get. An' once da city be filled wit' corpses, den me shadow hunters come in, we mop up what left, kill Kor'kron an' Alliance alike. Give ya dead ta Sylvanas. Hmm! I save a lot a Darkspear lives wit' dis plan!

Mmnn? You don't like? Then we stay wit' da first plan. We work together.

We don't even have ta like each other.

New reply to the above added to PTR 4/18...

Question: [Call his bluff] Why don't WE wait until YOU attack Orgrimmar, and then mop up YOUR dead?
<Vol'jin sees his opportunity slipping away. He holds up his hands.>

Wait now, human! Orgrimmar be a fortress. My people, we ain't gonna crack dat nut on our own. How long we gonna last out here? Days? Weeks? Vol'jin can't say.

You keep da supplies commin', an' I promise, more Kor'kron gonna die. Before ya troops even land! The blood bein' spilt ain't even ya own! Surely dat be worth a few crates of meat?

PS: My sub is almost up (by choice), so I won't be updating this topic further.
It almost makes me feel bad for Vol'jin.

But then I remember what the horde has done to us over the years, and realize I "ALMOST" feel bad for Vol'jin.

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