[A] TLM 5/12 ToT - Recruiting Holy Pally

Threat Level Midnight a 10m casual progression guild is seeking a solid holy paladin for an immediate roster spot on our weekday raid team. (495+ ilvl)

Raid Progress:

5/12 Throne of Thunder

3/6 hm mv
6/6 hof
4/4 terrace with elite protectors

Raid times are tues/wed/thur 6-9 server (Pacific Standard Time)

Contact Galodred or anyone else in guild to contact an officer about joining our team.
oh no what happend to eleasar?
This is not a building group. We are an established and solid group that lost our holy pally to real life concerns. This is a step in and go position.
Wow progress has u 4/12
Wow progress has u 4/12

I don't know why that would be- unless they haven't updated it. You can check the profile of Galo or myself and see that we have 5. We are also very close to having 6. I fully expect to get Ji-Kun this upcoming week and hopefully more.

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