Holy Paladins how to you play in arenas ?

Im kinda new to arenas, ive been playing some 2vs2 with a friend who is a dk.
Since im a healer, im not surprise to see that the other team dps target me first, my main problem is CCs, i get stun followed by fear then disoriented, and and by this time, my friend is already dead. I can use trinket once and i find its cooldown too long 2mins.

Secondly how am i suppose to act in an arena, my friend tells me to get behind pillars often, how to i protect myself ?

Am i geared properly ?

What spells you use more often, flash of light or divine light ?

What Add-ons should i be using ?

What are macros and how should i use them ?

Thanks :)
You never bubble? Normally I try to outlast stuns, unless my teammate is absolutely going to die. But since you're a human you have 2 ways to get out of stuns. Divine shield, and you're trinket. You also have Hand of Protection. However Each bubble can only be used 1 minute after the first.

When you go against rogues it's tricky, especially since they'll use smoke bomb, which can kill you or your teammate if you notice it too late. Normally try to stay right on your teammate for smokebomb, or tell them to be ready to move toward you if you're CC'd.

For any caster get behind a pillar, this is LoS, or line of sight. Basically you can't cast a spell on someone if they're not in you're vision. By going around pillars you make it so the enemy caster can't cast a spell and hit you. This is useful for avoiding damage and getting feared.

Next, I never use divine light unless I have an infusion of light proc, and flash of light ONLY when I absolutely can't do anything else.

Don't forget to use hand of sacrifice. I like using this against rogues. Normally after the first time they CC me (I find they blind/sap initially, then right after they'll CC again. During the TINY break between these stuns I'll use hand of sacrifice on my teammate to help mitigate the inevitable damage. Basically I rapidly hit my keybind and hope it hits in the few milliseconds between stuns)

Also, don't forget against melee you can cast Hand of Protection on your teammate. They may not be able to attack with melee, but it's better than them dying, right?

I also kind of stray away from the talent fist of justice, I prefer repentance. It's a better CC to me. Fist of justice is more a ret paladin CC for arenas.

You seem geared fine. I don't use any addons to arena, but that's just me.

Paladins just have so many utilities, you need to use them all. If you're friend is melee and having a hard time getting slowed, cast hand of freedom on him. If you need to get away from the rogue or mage but you're caught in a snare, use hand of freedom, or cleanse yourself. Friend taking too much damage? Cast hand of sacrifice, or bubble them with Hand of Protection.

Hand of freedom can also protect against some CC's. Though I'm not entirely sure which you can use hand of freedom prior to being hit with a CC and it will make you immune to it.

Don't forget devotion aura, this makes you immune to silence and interrupt effects. I often use this to cast a few flash of lights or a flash of light and divine light.


Since you're a human you don't NEED the trinket with the ability to get you out of movement impairing effects. You're racial "Every Man for Himself" does the exact same thing, AND they both share a cooldown. So don't expect to be able to use the trinket, then use your racial. You can only use one either time, which defeats the purpose of having them both. Lol.
thanks :)

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