Husband & Wife LF raiding Guild

504 Shadow/Disc Priest & 502 Frost DK currently looking for a raiding guild that raids on the weekends ( Fri. Sat & Sun)
We both full clears of MSV normal & I am 4/6 HoF my husband is 3/6 HoF
We have been in ToT but have yet to down any boss because our current guild isn't raiding.
We are a package deal you will not get one without the other. I also have 500 ilvl frost mage I am willing to raid one if my priest isn't needed.
Please whisper me in game or leave me an in game mail.
Hey I am looking for you in game get with me if you can :)
I guess I should clarify that we are looking for a 10 man raid team. Again we are still looking for a raid team that raids on the weekend, we are new to the server also.
Thank you taking us into consideration :)
I sent you an ingame mail to you this morning. Please let me know if it sounds as if it may be a good fit for you both :)
not sure if you got my in game mail but here is my forum link

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