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Mae Govannen...
Daro an îdh sí! Sí na i veth, i veth naid bain...

Welcome to Quel'Athillien, a home for Quel'dorei (High Elves) and those who seek refuge in the North. Nestled in the mountains for many years, Quel'Athillien - which roughly translates to "High Mountain" - was the refuge for the elves who defected from Silvermoon City after the city had fallen into disrepair. Seen as traitors, those who wished not to defile their being with corruptive fel magics and who remained somewhat loyal to previous oaths, lived out their lives protecting the northern borders in congruency with the Wildhammer Dwarves of the Peak. Originally, many of these Quel'dorei were wayward rangers who were under both guidance and protection of Quel'Danil Lodge to the east. It wasn't until some years later that Quel'Athillien thought to make its own sovereignty under the watchful eye of the royal house of Sunwhisper.

Under the house of Sunwhisper, Quel'Athillien found its own independence and once more Quel'dorei had an alternative home than that of Dalaran or Theramore. To keep peace and prosperity for her people, the Lady Phoenix (or Grand Duchess) of the royal house sought to make and maintain various allegiances within the Alliance. Those who shared her faith and sense of peace followed as she welcomed all races to her home - save for those who would seek to be the antithesis of her vision. Elves, men, dwarves, draenei, gnomes and worgen were given shelter and a new perspective on life.

Despite its golden age of enlightenment and many attempts to strive for objectively perfect peace, Quel'Athillien is not a home of strict pacifists. The Lord-Knight Velroth Sunwhisper oversees the protection of the land, its allies and its people. Being so near former Scourge holdings, Lord Velroth is on constant alert from any being - foreign or domestic - that would seek to supplant his home. His brother, Lurvantis, is the current leader of the Phoenix Knights, a regiment dedicated to defense of Quel'Athillien abroad.


OOC Information:

<Vestige of the Phoenix> was originally a placeholder in many of our stories where High Elves in the mountains were concerned. After some time - and a few changes - we decided to stick with the type of RP that worked best with us. We are a tight-knit type of family both in-character and out-of-character with high expectations that all drama be maintained within the in-character situation and not taken out-of-character. We welcome all sorts to jump into any given storyline that we have going; we stick to the motto: "What you put in is exactly what you get out of it."

In-Game Name: Vestige of the Phoenix
Officers: Rennali, Amiyna, Cerebis, Ledaria, Lurvantis
Guild Level: 25
Website: http://vestigeofthephoenix.guildlaunch.com/

Ranking Structure:
Lady Phoenix (Grand Duchess)
...High Council
......Phoenix Knights
..........The Conclave
House Regent
...Sworn Knight
......Cleric Order
OOC /Alt
Known Alliances:
Order of the Golden Hawk (House Andro)
The Northern Accord
The Lordaeron Silver Hand
Blood of Lordaeron (House Albrecht)

Possible Alliances:
The Sunguard (House Truefeather)



1. Where is Quel'Athillien?

Hinterlands. We try to RP there as much as possible and use the space for development. Occasionally, you might see us at Quel'Danil Lodge. We use that frequently as "Quel'Athillien."

2. What if I am new to RP?

We welcome you with open arms! Even if you are new to Moon Guard and have to start at level 1, we will help you with developing your character and getting you involved in the stories as much as possible. Not everyone RPs the same and we hope that you can bring new ideas.

3. I am not a fan of some of your "allies." What do I do?

They are our allies for good reason. We have spent time building a good rapport with them and they have proven themselves good people to have around in return. No one says you have to involve yourself in any story we might be doing with them, but I will demand that any negativity you have toward them is kept out of it. If you cannot handle yourself in a mature manner, you may be removed.

4. What if I don't RP as a High Elf?

We welcome all sorts. As long as they are willing to remove the Forsaken menace from Azeroth and see a peace brought back, they are welcome. Yes, we allow Sin'dorei as well (which is a more recent development). Sin'dorei who are allowed in must swear themselves to House Sunwhisper in some form and denounce the Horde as a whole.

5. Is everyone in the guild a Sunwhisper?

No. That is why we have the "House Regent" status. Those who are the heads of their respective houses and live in Quel'Athillien are allowed to maintain their own houses. Those who choose to dwell in Quel'Athillien are asked to swear themselves to its protection and continued prosperity and recognize that House Sunwhisper does own the land.

6. How do I join?

You can inquire directly with one of the officers or with myself. We must induct you in-character for you to be considered "one of us."


OOC Rules & Regulations: http://quelathillien.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8857739&gid=234705

Knight's Code of Conduct: http://quelathillien.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8889787&gid=234705

"Quel'Athillien: The High Mountain" Storyline
: http://quelathillien.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8941437&gid=234705
Some people had questions about our "ranking structure" so I figured I would post up some information.
Lady Phoenix

The Lady Phoenix (or Lord Phoenix) is the top of the hierarchy pyramid. Originally given the title of "Grand Duchess / Duke," it was recently revamped to the entitlement that had been offered by the progenitor of the Sunwhisper Dynasty. This person is the accepted leader of the collection of houses as well as the representative of Quel'Athillien's voice.

High Council

The High Council consists of those who lead the main house in different sects.

Lutharias Riverwind: Lord-Commander of the Phoenix Knights (domestic)
Lurvantis Sunwhisper: Lord-Commander of the Phoenix Knights (abroad)
Velroth Sunwhisper: Lord-Knight of Quel'Athillien's Defense
Ambrosina Sunwhisper: Lady-Commander of the Q.E.L. (Quel'Athillien Exploration League)

Open Branches:
Commander of the High Rangers / Mountain Farstriders
Commander of the Conclave (Casters Unit)
Bishop of the Archdiocese (Cleric / Priests)

These men and women act in an advisory role to their respective groups and essentially help lead and maintain Quel'Athillien. If the Lady Phoenix is incapacitated for any reason, this council assumes the leadership role and may only pass "laws" and such with a 2/3 majority vote. Each council member is sworn in some degree to House Sunwhisper.

Phoenix Knights

The brainchild of Lurvantis Sunwhisper, the Phoenix Knights are sworn to protect and defend the Lady Phoenix and her interests at all costs. Comprised of a small, elite corps of Paladins, Warriors and some Death Knights; this group are only open to High Elves and very few half-elves.

High Rangers

The High Rangers (alternatively known as Athillien Farstriders)are the eyes and ears of everything that goes on in or out of Quel'Athillien. This group is comprised of Hunters, Rogues, some Monks and some Warriors. They collect information and give it back to the main house so that it can be distributed accordingly. There are two "elite" corps within this category:

Quel'Athillien Explorer's League: A small group of people who go out and explore various parts of Azeroth in search of relics, artifacts and knowledge. They are not limited to what they wish to find.

The Dark Candle Society: A small group of trustworthy operatives whose sole job is to collect information on anyone and everyone. Often concealed incognito, they can take any form and any persona necessary to collect the information and are the keepers of secrets.

The Conclave

The Conclave are comprised of trustworthy Magi, Druids, Shaman, and Warlocks (who play as pyromancers not as demon-wielding casters). Tried and true, these casters absorb the knowledge of magic and all magical arts. While the learning aspect is not prohibited, Conclave members are prohibited from the following:

1. The use of shadow or demonic magic
2. The use of necromancy
3. The use of the well as a source of power for shadow magic

The ranking structure for the Conclave is as follows:

    Archmage / Archdruid / Master (unisex)
    Magus / Master Druid / Acolyte
House Regents

House Regents are the respective representatives or leaders of their houses. Each Regent is sworn in to defend and keep Quel'Athillien in peace and harmony without having to swear directly to House Sunwhisper. They are responsible for the day-to-day activities of their houses and the proper ranking structure within them.

Sworn Knights

Sworn knights are those of non-elven descent who have sworn themselves in service of Quel'Athillien or those of elven (or non-elven descent) who have sworn themselves in service of a noble house of Quel'Athillien. Sworn Knights who become part of Quel'Athillien's defense are under the command of Lord Velroth Sunwhisper. There are no class restrictions to this.

Clerical Order

The clerics order is a group of men and women who fall into two categories:

1. The Church of the Holy Light: These people are the daily upkeep of morality among the citizens. They hold sermons, do weddings, funerals and are the members of the archdiocese in Quel'Athillien. Led by a Bishop, they follow strict church traditions and philosophy while adding in an elven flare. More information can be found here.

2. The Herald's Office: Ambassadors, scribes and those who enjoy doing "paperwork" fall into this category. These people help write the laws and see that they are made public as well as announcements, notices, letters to dignitaries and declarations of war. Led by a Master Scribe, they are taught how to properly create propaganda and recruitment strategies.


Those who are new or who don't fall into certain categories go here. Citizens are comprised of: blacksmiths, leatherworkers, farmers, tailors, cooks, and all of the little things that a town or duchy may need to operate. They have no leader but must swear themselves to a noble house in Quel'Athillien.

OOC / Alt

OOC members are expected to follow the same rules and guidelines as IC members.

Alts are allowed so long as you claim them as yours and are active on them. Inactive alts will be removed after 2 months.
Yay! New thread!

I thought this was rather spiffy and spot-on. Except it needs more Mel Gibson blood effects.
You know, it occurs to me, this is an organization Alorinis would work with personally.
He runs a foundation call By Our Eyes, where he tries to reconnect and help families seperated by the exile.
He creates meeting spots for them, and puts together ways for them to trade packages without notice from Horde or Alliance.
Maybe we should chit-chat one day, Rennali.
I would be more than happy to. Quel'Athillien is neutral ground and open to all elves so long as they maintain a modicum of peace and leave their hatreds outside. However, we still think the Forsaken, Trolls and Orcs are icky. Tauren are tolerable since they are fluffy.
Everyone is icky, it's ok.
I'm putting this here simple becaues your old thread got capped :D

I'm putting this here simple becaues your old thread got capped :D


It's a Sariangel!

Thou art not Seraphim, so stepeth off lest ye be subjected to a serious Inquisition.
However, we still think the Forsaken, Trolls and Orcs are icky. Tauren are tolerable since they are fluffy.

Hey. :(
This possible Alliance will be tested soon. Let's see how willing both factions are to stretch for it.
This possible Alliance will be tested soon. Let's see how willing both factions are to stretch for it.

Make me your sovereign and things will be peachy. I'll even give you a comfy little niche by the beach. Oh, and control of the military. Deal? Deal.
Pretty sure i'm the highest of the elves.
Pretty sure i'm the highest of the elves.

I'm pretty sure that monocle makes you fancy.
04/15/2013 11:19 AMPosted by Mendzar
However, we still think the Forsaken, Trolls and Orcs are icky. Tauren are tolerable since they are fluffy.

Hey. :(

Dari-orc is best orc.
Tauren are tolerable since they are fluffy.
Hey. :(

You don't count because you are our peon. <3


We give them glitter collars.

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