[A] Fallen Paragon Recruiting for 25s!

We are currently recruiting for our conversion from a 10 man to 25 for our weekend team to further progress in current content. We are a fun drama free team that is looking to progress as quickly as possible to get 12/12 reg and move onto heroics asap.

We raid 3 days a week for 3 hours a night.

Raid days: Friday (7-10) server Saturdays and Sundays (6-9) server

Raid Requirements:

Must have gear fully optimized for raiding which includes gems, enchants and reforges and a Item Level of at least 500 if not 500 we will require you to show excellent skill in you class we do understand gear doesnt make the player but with how easy 5.1 raids are and with lfrs this is easily achievable.

Team will provide feasts and flasks but we do require help in doing so such as depositing herbs and golden lotus.

Loot rules: It is a 2 tier system you get 1 roll on main spec tier gear and 1 roll on non tier items. This loot system will be subject to change if it proves to not be as beneficial as it is on 10 man to help spread loot around but will follow the same basic principles.

Current Recruiting needs are as followed:

Tank Position:
1 Prot Warrior
1 Prot Paladin
(Either or for the 1 tank position)

Ranged Dps:
Currently 7 spots open some classes listed below as to what we are looking for needed asap!

Shadow Priest
Frost Mage (Fire will be fine depending on players dps and gear)

Melee Dps:

Hybrid Classes:

We are going to try starting 25s this coming week please get with us here or in game for info.

Zabiimaru : Real ID hawk_player_54@yahoo.com

Thank you Very much for your time in reading this post and hope to see you all in game.
Bump :)
Bump only in need of ranged dps!
Bump!! Going to be trying to start 25s this week!
Bump in need of shadow priests a ret paladin and boomkins
Also in need of 2 melee dps ret paladin and rogue preferred
Still recruiting and have open melee,ranged and 1 tank position for good warrior or pally tank.
As for the ranged we would prefer boomkin, mage and shadow priest and one with a heal off spec.

On our first run last night we went 3/12 I will update our progression again once our raid week has ended with us hopefully reaching at least 5 to 6 our of 12 ty
Hey there. I dont know if your raid group could use a melee DPS, but im looking for a weekend raid group, ANYTIME from Fri-Mon.
My main has cleared all of ToT, and I am currently working on Heroicc Content, so I know all the fights, mechanics, ect.

This character is pretty much LFR'd out, so I cant get any new uprades until I get into a normal raid group, and your guild sounds perfect!

If you are interested, or can USE me, send me a letter in game, or msg me Battletag.


I hope to hear back from you soon, Love to join your ranks=)

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