I have decided to let you know that we (The Horde, and PA) are going to raid your cities again some time today. Check back on this thread because I will even give you a exact time.
Not cause we're bored, but for the simple fact that 10% of the Horde population on this server love to PvP. So gather your forces and give us some hell. Humanity, Gangastaface, Cinderblast and Tarjå I hope to see you 4 there.
Cheers to PA for this mornings raid on SW. /cheer

I hope horde continue to hit us for many weekends to come. Just give us time to form a group to pvp with you guys. We are small in numbers and the interest level for those who like to pvp is tiny.
Yeah that was really fun. More to come Tarjå I promise =)

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