How do you Shaman live?

Got an off-hand instead of a shield. Thinking about just deleting my shaman, it's very unattractive. It's an upgrade over the 489 shield I had, just very depressing not seeing a shield on my back.
Say that to all the enhancement shammies.
By reincarnating.
First world shaman problems.
I wish we had an ability that utilized our shield in some new and exciting way.

Like when Legolas used one as a skateboard that one time in that one movie about the gay midgets on a trip.
Like when Legolas used one as a skateboard that one time in that one movie about the gay midgets on a trip.

What's a shield?
I died a little when I read this thread. How dare you insult my baby like that. Shamans are.. precious.
Ackbahr's rules of Shaman Survival

1. By outgearing the competition

2. If up against a shadow priest, always, always, ALWAYS be running out of spell range, then run in for a cast then back out

3. By running to where the most of my allies are playing at... even if middle of road, against objectives.. somehow they'll figure out a way to pull off a win (one hopes). More allies == best chance at survival.

4. Be an engineer or use alechemy flasks (invisiblility potion, 70% speed potion for 15 seconds (9 spinefish to make 1 potion)

5. Never let the "RED" be near you.

6. CC !!! frog em, frost shock em (freeze em in place - a talent) , wind shear em, slow totem. Capacitor totem (heh throw it down and hope they stupid enough to gank ya while your standing on it 9 times out of 10 the gankee gets stunned) tip - ancestral swiftness + hex == instant cc!! Be creative with the combinations of limited cc's we have and a create a self-styled sequence of them, and used just right, may grant you that chance at survival!

7. If focused by a melee, Always, throw out your elemental.. Ancestral Swiftness gives a 10% melee haste to them and Primal Elementals combined... really REALLY hurt!!!!! Never doubt throwing out your elemental ... EVER because the opposition does not think of Shamans as a pet class and it always, ALWAYS throws off their game, swifty macro'd be-darned!

8. Part of battle is Running away, pillar humping, strategic retreat. Rogues very often run away when focused, so why cannot shaman's and you as well!

9. If none of the above work, remember you can always rez, and get revenge on the competition.

10. Mob mentality rules. Largest mob gets the most kills and has best survivability

11. If elemental, learn to play near edges, in high places, and always think of the best spot in the terrain to perform a thunderstorm to maximize its effect! followed by talented frost shock, freeze em in place, ghost wolf or use a speed potion away, followed by a slow totem a little later , then frost shock again.
^ I like this guy. No !@#$.
in a van down by the river
/cast Fire shock

#showtooltip Ascendance
/cast elemental mastery
/cast spirit walker's grace
/cast ascendance
/use (trinket)
(add in stormlash for !@#$sngiggles?)

/spam lavaburst
-walk over everything.

finally silenced?- fun while it lasted, see you again in 3 minutes.

In Greenland.

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