Advice for First Pally Heals?

So, I tossed this over in the healing forum as well, but I figured I'd ask around here too.

Any advice for first pally heals? I tried leveling one awhile back but only made it to 30 or so. More determined this time.

Any tips. tricks. Things I might run into?

Thanks ♥
Paladins are extremely boring at low levels. Just keep trudging on, it gets better.
Soem tips, tricks and advice here:

RET - 1-85
HOLY - 85-90
You'll have to be more specific on what you are asking about.

For general learning how to heal - icyveins is the place. Theirh hpal guide is pretty much gospel and will get you on your way.

Leveling? Yea there's not much of a shockadin anymore (more's the pity) so ret until you hit 85 for dungeons.
What is the most important stats for a holy paladin in pvp? How should I gem enchant? etc etc?

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