Paladin Threat and me

I curious to know how much threat can a paladin put out? It's the first time this xpac that I'm co-tanking with a paladin, and also coincidentally the first time I'm having trouble maintaining threat. It's not just being pressed to keep the boss on me, but outright losing threat to him. It get's so bad, it occasionally takes up to the 3rd taunt to have the boss focused on me with the hunter spamming MD. As a tank, I consider it a great failure to maintain threat. Is it just paladins tossing out phenomenal threat amounts?
We deal next to no damage without Vengeance, but add attack power and we're pretty beastly. We also are stacking Haste rating, which pulls double duty as our best defensive secondary and a great offensive/threat stat. (That button that causes me to take ~50% reduced physical damage for 3 seconds also winds up being one of my biggest sources of damage on any given fight.)

In other words, a Prot Paladin is only going to be pulling threat off of you if he has a really high Vengeance stack and doesn't understand how to hold off on threat to let the other tank establish. I'd think it's tank 101 at this point to notice that your co-tank taunts and to stop everything for a few moments until threat is at a reasonable level. :-P
Paladin tanks are very capable of putting huge numbers, thus making them generate a ton of threat. If you're doing a simple taunt-swap fight (Durumu for example), just have the Paladin lay off the boss for a few seconds to allow you to get a generous amount of threat. The paladin tank can also turn off Righteous Fury while you're tanking if you're having a ton of threat issues. There's also issues of him having Vengeance and you not having it. If the paladin tank is getting hammered and gains a significant amount of Vengeance, then you're going to have a hard time obtaining aggro from a Paladin hitting 250K+ SoTR Crits.

TL;DR: Tell the Paladin to lay off for a few seconds or to turn off Righteous Fury when its your turn to tank the boss.
I guess that I should pull bosses then. With him popping wings on pull, I have no hope of ever catching up. It also doesn't help that my gear is quite a bit lousier than his. Will see how it goes tonight, thanks!
It will just be the same thing if you pull first instead of the pally, you'll be the one with the threat lead and vengeance that's hard for the pally to establish threat unless you hold off when he taunts.

That's just the way vengeance and threat works on tank swaps. The tank that did have the boss is going to have a good chunk of vengeance while the taunting tank will not, which means that the previous tank is going to have to lay off/watch their threat for a little bit after the taunt to avoid pulling back until the 2nd tank builds up vengeance of their own.
There's really very little excuse for a paladin to accidentally pull threat back on tank swaps. As mentioned, simply holding off damage for a few moments is generally enough. They also have tools they can use such as Hand of Salvation, Divine Shield, Hand of Protection, and they can just temporarily turn off Righteous Fury.

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