What inspired you to become a rogue?

We all had that moment where we decided to take the plunge and try out the class of backstabbers and thieves. What made you decide to play a rogue? Have you or do you play other classes?

The first character I've ever made was rogue back in the very, very early days of vanilla. Sure, this character has switched factions, changed servers, and altered appearance more times than I can count, but I've never really been able to play and enjoy another class like I do the rogue. It just feels so unnatural.

I did find a video (I believe it was around 2008) that made me excited to be a rogue again. It is what got me back into World of Warcraft after a long hiatus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYABYMIAKVI (Note: I didn't make this video.)
When I first came to retail (Used to play private) a rogue was the only thing my friend's didn't have, so I decided I'd give it a try. I was stupid and leveled as combat, got bored, went back to dk. few weeks later I decided to try again. Fell in love with sub, haven't looked back since.

So, really, the reason I'm a rogue is strictly out of luck I guess.

I did find a video (I believe it was around 2008) that made me proud to be a rogue. It is what got me back into World of Warcraft: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYABYMIAKVI

that was your video? I've seen every rogue video out there and that is truly one of my favorite.
irl I generally like to avoid a smack to a face rather than tank it.

rogue was the only class that came remotely close to that logic.
Number 1 rule in life: Always strive to be like the Batman

Rogue w/ eng seemed to be most like Batman so here I am.
I love Batman. My favorite growing up.

Sooo many things...

But for me, it was the idea of being a lone wolf type. Sort of supporting the few friends I had without them knowing. Killing things with a specific kind of play style.

The contract and the potentially neutral nature of the class. Doing what I want whenever I wanted without worrying about the consequences.

Distracting others from completing their goals and achieving mine in the meantime. Because Eff casters when I'm not one so I must be the bane of their existence.

Mostly this:

Because fighting an uphill battle and winning is rewarding.
I always liked playing stealth classes in FPS games, (Spy from TF2 mainly). As soon as I saw Sub used something called "Backstab" I fell in love.

Strange I like stealth classes but not stealth games...
all of them what make me a rogue

World of Roguecraft back in late 2005, I think. Some time in August(Actually, maybe September). I don't remember how I came across that video. But, I was a level 37 Warrior when I first saw it and thought I'd try Rogues out. <.<

I was 15 at the time. :D
Pretty much the kind of player Kishkumen was saying the stereotypical Rogue player was.

Strange I like stealth classes but not stealth games...

Really!? Well, I haven't really played much.
But, Dishonored was amazing. <.<
My roommate was playing WoW at the time and when I broke my foot, I decided to give it a try. Been playing for years now.

I first rolled a Tauren Warrior because he said people would depend on me. Quest lvl'd for a while then tried to tank my first WC. And...... I didn't know anything about aggro, taunts, keeping mobs off the healer, nothing lolol. So after being berated by my group, I left.

Rolled a Hunter till lvl 11 and came to the conclusion that Hunters were @#$@5$@5$@5$@%$. (even knew that back then) Then my buddy tells me there is something called a rogue that can go stealth and I heard stories about this so called "rogue" grieving the @#$% outta him, so of course, that was what was meant to be.
I was a warrior in vanilla/BC and rogues were what I hated most, so when I came back to the game in cata I decided to give it a try and rather enjoyed the sniper playstyle. Even tho I enjoy my spriest now the most, I still enjoy the rogue melee playstyle over the full-on retard mode warrior.
Stealth is all they needed to say.
I just recently came back to WoW after about a 2 year break, but I've been playing off and on since vanilla and what inspired me was Daddar the rogue who used to play on Mal'ganis. He made a video where he killed the IF bankers and got away and I thought that looked like so much fun!
I played warIII a lot back then. I liked blademaster the most.
I started back in BC several months before LK, and my rogue was my first toon. I had some friends who said they were going to start playing WOW again and I was hem hawing around about it and finally tried it. They said a rogue was pretty easy to play so I picked rogue. I haven't looked back since. I sucked horribly in the beginning cause I had no clue about talents and stuff like that so I had them spread all over the place. I really sucked lol

Then my friend said look at my rogue and talents after that I got better and finally I learned actually how to play and haven't looked back since.

My rogue is and always will be my favorite. Like some have said it feels natural. It is fun sneaking around getting around stuff others can't and laughing at them cause they have to kill 15 million things to get what they want. I sneak in grab it and get out.

I have 5 90s maxed now, back in cata I had 6 85s, but I always go back to my rogue. It is the most fun and to kill something that i shouldn't be able too is rewarding in itself.

I have to say also in pvp love to annoy people.
I main a lock and made this toon back in Cata as a "twink". I tried out many brackets and just finally decided to level it. So finally after playing my warlock forever in MoP and growing bored of casters, I'm back to leveling this guy for PvP.

Having control over my opponents is what I like. Also I like doing stuff that irritates people(another reason I like to play my lock and rogue!). But I've always liked the "villains" on shows and what not. Rogues to me are the "villains" of PvP. We'll do every underhanded trick in the book to get our kill!
Rolled an enhancement shaman, was my first toon to 70 in BC. Got beat by this one rogue prolly about 50 times....

Said....Eff this.....made a rogue....and here I am...

Now I feel harder,better,faster,stronger..... *uhem*
Id thought about it for like a month before I bought the game, but what really made me want to do it was the level 60 rogue that was camping me (in t2) at the spawn point. Back then I had no idea that I shouldnt attack him back then so I had like an hour long rez timer.
Stealth is all they needed to say.

I had no idea what Stealth was when I first started WoW. If I did, I would definitely chosen it first! Instead of leveling up a Warrior. <.<

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