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I got both my tyr weapons this week(well, ill have the second one after an RBG), so now im starting to look into my talents and glyphs before i try to get into any serious arena or RBG groups. I've got a lot more experience in twos, but ive done some threes and RBGs, generally ive just been using the same talents and glyphs for all 3.
1st row: Subterfuge seems like a no brainer to me
2nd row: Ive been taking combat readiness unless facing double casters
3rd row: Elusiveness is hard to pass up, leaching seems terrible for pvp
4th row: CnD. Tried shadowstep but just couldn't get used to not having the unkiteable dances
5th row: Paralytic Poison. This is where i'm really not sure, ive used all three and they all seem to be really good talents
6th row: Used anticipation at first, but really doesnt seem necesarry if you know how to manage CP's. Ive been taking MfD now, but shuriken toss also seems to be strong

Glyphs: Im using Cheap Shot, Garrote, and Gouge. I know Garrote and Cheap Shot are receiving nerfs next patch, but are they the best to be using for this patch?

Overall i just want to know if these are the best setup, or if theres certain situations where other talents would be more useful.
Also, what do we reforge for, mastery or crit?
there is no best setup. play what you like
Also, what do we reforge for, mastery or crit?

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