[A] KiLLMaTiC recruiting for core raid

KiLLMaTíC is currently recruiting for core spots in our 10 man raid group, we are currently going through 5.1 raids gearing up before we move onto ToT, Most of us transferred here to play with friends and we are just starting to raid in MOP Raid leader has had tons of experience raiding in cataclysm wrath of lich king and burning crusade.

Our current recruitment needs are
We require ilvl 480+ we are looking for dedicated reliable players
Healers – Druids, Disc Priest,
Tanks (1-2) any class
DPS (1-2) Any classes (prefer non cloth)
Our raid times as of next week (23rd) will be
Tuesday 7-10 ST
Thursday 7-10 ST
Monday 7-10 ST

We are currently 6/6 MSV 2/6 HOF and 2/4 TOES (no longer have kill on empress to get in to)

For more information you can contact me via battle tag, Bloodypet#1467 Or, Automaticman, and Honeydoodoo
need DPS

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