Tankadin Holy Power Priority Question

So i just now finished up the first wing of current Tier LFR and picked up my second piece of the Plate of the Lightning Emperor set and i'm wondering situationaly wise if i should give Word of Glory more priority at some points because of

(Item - Paladin T15 Protection 2P Bonus
Casting Word of Glory or Eternal Flame also grants you 40% additional block chance for 5 sec per Holy Power)

or just look at it as a spot heal with the added benefit? I'm sure i should never put it above shield of the Righteous but i'm wondering if i should try and pop it more often now because of it.

edited because i don't know how to spell link.
No. Cast Word of Glory only when you would normally. The set bonus is a slight compensation to mitigation for those times, but not worth keeping up by itself.
Kay makes sense, i think i remember some dev posts about not wanting to make it compete with SoTR.

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