LFM 2100 RBG GROUP - Need pros for 2400 push

Hi all -

I am forming a 2200 CR+ RBG Group - pushing 2400 cause I WANT MY DAMN HWL TITLE.

I firmly believe that Skill > CR > Gear - So if you do not have the minimum cr (2.1k), but feel you have the skill to do so, please indicate it on the application, and I will speak with you about what we can work out.

Gonna have a nice wait list (hopefully!) , so if you are interested, please post the following:

Any other comments:
OR just post to this thread with the character you would like to come on (the character you are posting with)

Thanks - Times and Dates will be determined to fit everyone's needs. I will be coming on my Frost Death Knight (2325 CR) and I will be Target Calling.

***I am more then happy to strat call as well, but if someone would like to fill this roll, I would be willing to try them out****
I have two characters I would be willing to go. my resto druid or my sub rogue


Have not been able to find a stable group been doing oqu groups have gotten to 1998 just need a solid group to keep pushing up the ratings have this mage and boomkin.

Name: Hellsent
CR: 1871
XP: 2289, season 10, 2274 season 11.
Gear: S12 Malev (ug'd), tyrranical (inc. weaps)
Any other comments: Went casual after losing my RBG group towards the middle of season 11, but starting to play more seriously now that I've transferred to Illidan. Have played in multiple 2.4k mmr teams while on Garona (played with Edge mostly, who has since disbanded).

Played multiple toons to 2.2k in rbg's, definitely want the 2.3k and 2.4k titles. CR will rise as I continue to simply cap my pts each week.
Name: DrunkHobo
CR: 2216
XP: 2216
Gear: Tyr wep, almost done tyr gearing it feels like
Any other comments: I also have a 1969cr rogue who is almost 2k in 2s and above 2k in 3v3 with 2050+xp in RBGs http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Sneakyhobos/advanced

*mainly logged on sneakyhobos if you want to talk to me
Name: Itl
CR:1982 was just 2026, 2 losses.........
XP: Current cr. Been running flags forever most enjoyable for me, but the lack of FC maps has gained my interest in Moonkin.
Gear:2 sets both split evenly with upgrades, 1 for FC 1 For non FC maps as Boomy
Any other comments: Just came back in January, skipped all of cata, was only around for a short time once rbgs were first released. Experienced Flag Runner, Multi Dot Bird BT-JohnRedcorn#1605

Edit: Damn sick of the kids are that stuck at 1850/1900 claiming bla bla xp this xp that, than show no skill, no tactics, no proper execution or follow through with strategies, in any form of offence or defense.

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