Open Libram LXXV: Holy TV, MOAR HIT?!

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Might be old news, and it might just be something only I am seeing...

But there are bunnies floating around outside of Shrine of Seven Stars.

OK, they are actually Gilded Moths, but they are bugged for me and using the wrong model.

Floating bunnies FTW.

Edit: Actually, rather than being bugged, they all have a 19 hour polymorph buff. Must be something I've just never seen in game or something. Like some item? /shrug

Glyph of Crittermorph
There were a bunch of kitties flying around the tree the other day, for a moment I forgot about the glyph and was like ;o
Well the only thing giving us problems is our Healer would be slow dispelling Disorienting Smash on me so the boss would run around clobbering people for a few seconds.

Yeah, that's a big problem :x
Stormstout gold today, Holding off on SCM due to invis pots

Solarbeam work on the yeasty? We have an Ele shaman / Boomkin.
They finally nerfed Battle Healer.
They finally nerfed Battle Healer.

It'll probably still be incredibly potent as prot.

So, will we finally be able to break silences with Devo Aura now?
Battle healer nerfed, my hilarious screenshots will be less hilarious!
Eh. Minor nerf; still surprised something wasn't done about that glyph before now.
I'm surprised it wasn't more severe honestly.

You know in that vein sometimes I'm jealous of the amount of raw healing an Enhancement Shaman can put out.
There's a shaman on the arena forums who is constantly crying about how bad enhance healing is compared to ret. :D
I don't know enough about Enhance to judge but I do know the one in my raid group can become a poor mans Healer when he needs too and while his DPS suffers it doesn't become terrible.

They seem to have some powerful group healing utility where Ret can bring some powerful snipe healing to single persons.


Although we can do more through Battle Healer and the like I guess, but that seems like more of a sacrifice then what Enhance has to give up.
Yeah, Enhance's healing niche is more group than Ret's single-snipe. Instant-cast Healing Rain, Tranquility Totem, Ancestral Guidance - and the only DPS sacrifice is not spending Maelstrom Weapon on Lightning Bolt. Enhance OP.

Also, yeah, this is a thing; may end up raiding on my Shammy after leveling him, as the wife decided she wanted to explore things Horde-side - and to take her Ret Pally to boot! Suits me, though, since Grumpy the Pally only works well as a Dwarf.
Well, SC2 has reminded me how horrible I am at RTS games ;x
Enhance OP.

I feel weird complaining that another DPS spec can heal more then me, well perhaps easier is the better term. :x

04/22/2013 01:34 PMPosted by Bullshatner
as the wife decided she wanted to explore things Horde-side


Well, SC2 has reminded me how horrible I am at RTS games ;x

I always just sat and built oodles of Siege Tanks and anti air towers when me and my friends played the N64 version of SC1 back in the day.

Always lost, but I liked building massive walls of defenses.
I always found that the best trick was to establish a primary strong-hold in one corner - any corner - and then slowly expand outwards as you build your forces. Now, I'll grant you, it's probably been some fifteen years since I've played StarCraft, but that tactic worked really well in Star Trek: Armada. >_>
04/22/2013 01:48 PMPosted by Cadenbrie
as the wife decided she wanted to explore things Horde-side


It's just the one guy; all other toons are staying Ally-side. I have far too much infrastructure built up here to just flop on a moment's notice - you have any idea how expensive that would be?! >_<
Blizzard needs to put in transfer packages. ^_^
i just want divine protection to be given its physical portion back baseline. it feels dumb having no cooldown for physical damage in raids because i have to use mass exo or double jeopardy in that slot and don't want to give up harsh words or tv.
I agree with Lobster.

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