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Warden. One dps spec that works off of stacking bleeds/wounds, another dps spec that is a classic melee style, and a utility spec.
Dragonsworn could work too, but I feel that it won't happen due to the whole depowered aspects thing.

Maybe, maybe not. Here's the thing though, Wrathion has been setting the players up this whole expansion to act as his champion, imbuing their weapons and armor with the powers of a black dragon.

The Dragonsworn class would be one direction that could go. Some of Wrathion's champions swore utter loyalty to him and became an entirely new class. It might (keyword MIGHT) be possible for the other dragonflights to do the same thing. The problem is while the idea is feasible, their lore, backstory, even their skillset would depend entirely on how Blizz decided to go about telling the story.

i think they should take a bunch of different class ideas flesh them out slightly and then have the players vote on wich one they want

As much as I like this idea, I doubt it will happen. Blizzard has not been too keen on taking big community votes. That said, they've demonstrated that they can make decisions beforehand about what they want to do and bend the lore to fit that decision, as we saw with how the Blood Elves were implemented in MoP.
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What if they made a new class specific to Horde and Alliance races? Like Cleric or something for the Alliance and the Horde gets their own class.

They had this in vanilla with Paladins and Shaman and there is a reason it changed.

Perhaps if they were identical mechanically, but had totally different lore, animations, and so on?
Perhaps if they were identical mechanically, but had totally different lore, animations, and so on?

They could do it with all classes. Like Paladins used to be with the whole Seal of Blood and Seal of Martyr thing. That was really cool and also makes sure to keep clear that classes have a wide variety of concepts within each of them, not just a single one per class.

Perhaps if they were identical mechanically, but had totally different lore, animations, and so on?

A lot of classes already have different lore based on race. Different animations would be nice though.
I kind of think th tinker may be the best function they can use guns throw grenades maybe have a melee spec with drills and saws
They should make some sort of plate wearing class that could tank, heal or dps.
Take any hero from DOTA and they could be fleshed out to be a class in wow.

I would like to see hero classes more then I would like to see new classes (since allot of times they take the same role/overlap). Things like at level 100 choose a new hero specialization this will remove some abilities but add more.

BattleMage - empowers weapon(s) with magical effects/elements, uses a combination of physical attacks and spells to do damage, something about enchanting a flaming sword and slashing an enemy while calling down a meteor on top of them creates a cool visual for me.

ShadowHunter - Dot based hunter, with short term stealth. Loses ability to control pets gains shadow/poison skills. I am picturing a ranged rogue of sorts, stealth into melee to drop traps leap out to range to deal damage. Moving in and out of melee to drop traps periodically is important (which is why it is dot based).

WeaponMaster - abilities defined by the weapon types used. dagger applies bleeds, mace applies status effects (increase damage/crit chance etc), axes deal higher damage (compounded by the bleeds and status effects of maces and swords)... the idea would be to rotate through the abilities of the different weapons. This class would come with its own weapons and would NOT be able to use more (weapon slot is only a stat stick).
04/18/2013 09:13 PMPosted by Mystaerica
Demon hunter is a popular suggestion but I feel its to close to warlock I like the thought of one though maybe make demonology into w melee spec

Demon hunters are never like warlocks i wish people stop thinking that.

Yes warlock got few of powers of demon hunter from wc3. So did rogues and priests are they demon hunters to?

warlocks love having demons for pets, they love becoming more and more demonic.

Demonhunter would never would allow themselves have a pet demon enslaved or not. They didn't become demon hunters so they could have powers or their desire wasn't power. Yes Illidan was one of demon hunters and yes he did want powers. But if you look on other ones in lore they become demonhunters to fight demons to keep their people safe. Not just power hunger like warlocks are.

Warlock = if anything weak version of a demon hunter or better yet more evil version of a demon hunter.

They are night and day like how death knight and paladins are.
Simplicity is beauty, no more classes/races/levels. It's getting to be too much imo.
Simplicity is beauty, no more classes/races/levels. It's getting to be too much imo.

No new levels, what?
Something range this time...

Simplicity is beauty, no more classes/races/levels. It's getting to be too much imo.

I would like to see more account wide leveling, like when you level do things on across multiple alts you get benefits. For starters I think all currency should be account bound (weekly capped currencies like valor should also be account wide).
None, really. All concepts can fit on every single class. It was hard to tolerate Monks just because of their mechanics even though they have a unique concept (unarmed fighter).

Demon Hunters fit on the Warlock class. They're basically like a Enhancement Shaman, mainly spellcaster, but with some melee aspects.

Necromancers by themselves are unique, but abilities? All spells would either be like DK ones, Warlocks ones (specially Affliction) or/and Shadow Priest ones.

The only concept I could come up with, that I believe it's somehow unique, it's the Spellbreaker. They would be basically like some sort of "magic manipulator", fighting style would be similar to a Demon Hunter or Enhancement Shaman. Here are the possible specs:

- Battle Mage: Counter to normal arcane magic. It's the old concept of Spellbreakers from Blood Elves.
They use Int Plate, a MH caster weapon and a caster shield, got mid-ranged auto-atks that deal physical and spell dmg, along with a mix of mid-ranged spells and abilites.

- Demon Hunter (it's the only way I could see it outside of the Warlock class): Counter to demonic magic. Cloth wearer, makes use of spirit and int. Mainly dual-wielding melee, uses spells and just a few basic physical abilities.

- Corruptor: Counter to any "good" magic, such as Holy and Nature. DPS, dual-wielding (could be anything, really, from Int to Str) and Mail armor. The DPS style would be based around two resources, like Rogues with energy or many and Combo Points or Holy Power. The basic abilities would deal nature or holy dmg and be melee, while the secondary ones, would be ranged and either deal Twilight or Shadow damage.

I think it feels a bit generic, but also unique. Not really sure if it's a good idea or a bad one.

Demon hunters are NOT warlocks.
They really should bring something akin to ret pallys in vanilla back. Melee classes in caster gear. Or, preferrably, a mix of caster and melee gear.
I feel if they do add another class to a legion expansion, it's going to be demon hunter, and the expansion will be full of blindfolds.
Demon hunters are NOT warlocks.

Demon Hunters are basically Warlocks.
I might get hate for this one but faeries
*flashback of childhood obsession*
they should put in a illusionist can make people sleep and become there personal minion
Necromancers are Mage Death Knights...

Dragonsworn? Sounds like Skyrim influenced...

People obsess way too much over Illidan and the !@#$ing Demon Hunters... All you want is a blindfold people! I see Demon Hunters as a Rogue/Warlock mix.

I REALLY don't want another Hero class... DKs are just...I don't even want to talk about them.

Blizzard needs to focus on content and patching up old storylines rather than focusing all their resources on making a new class that will inevitably be OP for the first patch and then fall WAY BEHIND and then become OP again when they buff a certain spell.

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