Measuring my progress, where should I be?

So, I am trying to see in raids without flasking but with raid buffs, where should I be on the dps meter? What sort of dps numbers should be putting out? Thanks for the help and assessment.
Simcraft puts you at 96,677.
altho it worries me you're not even flasking in raids, free damage yo

with a flask you're at 99,941

That's just the idea number you'd be able to pull following your priority correctly/100% uptime on boss/non human error/ect
Well I do flask in raid, just not in LFR. Hmm 96k seriously? I'm missing some dps somewhere.
Don't read too far into the specific DPS value predicted by Simcraft; actual DPS is almost universally lower, for a number of reasons. Simcraft is very useful for predicting relative value ("is this item better than that item?"), but much less good at predicting absolute amounts ("how much DPS should I be doing?").
So where should I be at best guesstimate?
Totally depends on the fight too. e.g. Jin'rohk has a major damage buff for most of the fight so you'll have higher than normal DPS, but Horridon has lots of adds and target switching and running around so you might see a substantial drop.
Probably over 90k if you ditch DP and take SW/HA

DP sims noticeably lower than both SW/HA, and it's not exactly reliable.

You can gain dps from flasking, and pre-potting + potion
Can also gain a bit from reforging/gemming, so I would download Reforgelite if you don't have it.

You're over expertise, partly due to the racial and some wonky reforging.
Match the socket bonus on chest and helmet.

Use these gems for your gear level:
Haste/Hit gems - blue
Str/Haste gems - red
Haste gem - Yellow

Get Dancing Steel, and use a crit enchant on cloak opposed to hit

Doing all this should result in a noticeable dps increase.

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