T16 set bonus suggestions

Just wanted to get some suggestions for some unique set bonuses that would be awesome for the next tier for mages.

Personally, i would love to see them incorporate the hydras from Diablo 3. Maybe have a chance on crit to spawn a spec specific hydra that casts a spec specific spell (arcane missiles/barrage, pyroblast, frostfire bolt).

What do you guys want to see?
2 set: Decreases cast time of Frostbolt, Frostfire bolt, Arcane Blast, and Fireball by .2 seconds.

4 Set: Increases Critical Strike damage of all non-instant spells by 10%

That would be an awesome setup.
2 set - When combustion is on CD your damaging crits have a chance to proc a quarter duration (both glyphed and unglyphed respectively) combustion that also has the initial hit of 1 quarter of the intial damage.

-When AP is on cd your damaging spells have a change to proc AP for a quarter of your current AP's duration

-When IV is on cd " " " " proc a quarter duration IV

low proc rate with low ICD

4 set - Pyroblast! is no longer on the GCD with combustion is OFF CD

- BF uses (FFB) no longer on GCD during IV

- Arcane Barrage has a chance to instantly reset the CD of Barrage and NOT comsume Arcane charges during AP ....short ICD

*edit ... 4 set procs will NOT proc off 2 set procs
I want to see something not so generic. I like the tier 14 2 piece..feels like a nice way to boost alter time. I like the frost tier 4 bonuses. These things that give us huge advantages and are not just a flat x% damage to y spell for each school.

For tier 15, I would like:

2-piece: Your mirror images now only create 1 empowered copy of yourself. The copy does 75% of your damage and gives x amount of a beneficial stat for 20 seconds after it is cast.


2-piece: Your mage bombs now have a chance to proc fingers of frost, heating up, and cause your next arcane blast to be instant cast, deal damage as if it were cast at 4 arcane charges, and cost no mana.

4-piece: Frostbolt does x% more damage when boss is under y% health, Arcane blast does x% more damage when boss is under y% health, fireball does x% more damage when boss is under y% health


4-piece: Every time alter time is used, the debuff for time warp/blood lust/etc is decreased by 2 minutes.
2 PC - Every time a Mirror Image dies, it rejuvenates the mage, increasing spell power by 3% for 1 minute. This effect stacks. Your images now can use any offensive spell you use.

4 PC - Each of your Mirror Images now has a 20% chance to summon a second Image next to them per cast. This second image lasts for 15 seconds and has a 20% chance to summon another image next to it per cast, up to a maximum of 2 images, each of which lasts for 10 seconds.
2 PC - Everytime someone asks you to cast conjure refreshment, you gain a passive 10% damage buff.

4 PC - Everytime someone asks you for a portal, you gain a 25% damage buff.

Ok for real though,

2 PC - Alter time resets, Combustion, Icy Veins and Arcane Power.

4 PC - Casting Mirror Images causes them to fuse with you. Increasing your Crit, Mastery or Haste depending on your spec. While fused to your mirros, you will also turn into a Kirin Tor Familiar (Arcane), Frost Elemental (Frost) or Molten Familiar (Fire)
2pc: Your armor spells grants you 50% of the other armors beneficial stat in addition to the standard benefit (cast frost armor on yourself, gain 2.5% crit from molten, and 1500 mastery from mage armor)

4pc: Your FFB, Pyroblast!, or Arcane missiles increases frost, fire, or arcane damage to that target by 5% and increases your haste, critical strike rating, or mastery by 2000 for 10 sec. 30 sec internal CD
Not really sure what frost / arcane set bonus would compliment this, but increasing the duration of ignite by x amount of seconds would be interesting for fire.
2 set - While under the effects of Alter Time, you gain 100% haste, crit, and mastery.

4 set - Using a mana gem boosts mana regen and spell power by 20% for 30 seconds.

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