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After obtaining the required ilvl for the Halls of Fleshaping and Pinnacle of storms, I made an attempt to knock both of them out last week. After doing the achievements, I was able to go from Nightmare of the Shekzir, all the way to the halls. After doing so, Pinnacle of storms was, and still is entirely greyed out. My ilvl is above the requirements, and i've done the achievement for HoF. My question would be, why can't I queue up for Pinnacle of storms? I've heard people talking about running it on other sites, as well as trade channel. What am I doing wrong? Is it that perhaps The Thunder Lord has been released as a killable boss in terms of server raiding, but hasn't been released to the Raid Finder system yet?

Were that the case, while lame as it may be, it would make sense to me. It's literally top content right now in the game, so I could see why Blizzard would make him beatable, but not in the Raid finder system. Perhaps waiting for the next boss before making him available, i.e; keeping those in the Raid Finder slightly penalized for using the service while those on the realm who have raiding guilds can fight him. Fair? I can't see how. Logical? I see the logic behind the reason, but I suppose i'm just hoping that Blizzard wouldn't gimp casual players in that manner.

Anyhoo, any feedback would be appreciated. I'm just wondering when i'll be able to get in there and down him. Worse comes to worse I'm sure I could find a raid on my server. But the LFR system is just an all around better method, which is my own personal opinion. But yes, any feedback would be appreciated, thanks for reading. :]
Sigh, I suppose I should have seen that coming. Once again the LFR community is told to stand behind the yellow tape and watch the 'hardcore' players wipe on him. Ah well, what are ya gonna do?

Thanks for a speedy reply Haina.
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Once again the LFR community is told to stand behind the yellow tape and watch the 'hardcore' players wipe on him.

As they should..

04/03/2013 05:36 PMPosted by Bloodsports
Ah well, what are ya gonna do?

Come here and complain about it like a spoiled rotten brat - just like you did.
If they did not stagger the raid schedule for LFR, a good chunk of the player base would get to lei shin a little too early in the patch. The schedule is their to give the normal raiders a chance to possibly reach Lei Shen before he becomes LFR farm able.

I myself also see another reason for this. When the raids are first unlocked for LFR, the groups can languish due to failing the mechanics. At least when the part comes out, the previous ones are no where near as painful.
im just a human that enjoys trolling forums, that is all
Yeah but this really blows for people on bad servers like Frostwolf. If I know what I'm talking about that is.

I couldn't get more then 13 people together for Nalak. On a TUESDAY. In the Northern Barens, about 8 Horde on Commanders with me being the only alliance. Isle Of Thunder's general chat was dead the whole time I was there (About an hour). People rarely say anything in Trade chat, and when they do it's hardly ever about raiding.

Servers like this NEED LFR. I've given up on WoW as an MMO and focus on the RPG aspects, cause the PVP is unbalanced and it's impossible to get a raid group together for raids, so it really blows when I can't enjoy the game's lore or visuals because a raid is LFR banned.

:L I don't have money to switch servers either. Thanks Blizz...

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