[H]<QRF> PVP GUILD Now recruiting!

<QRF> is recruiting players who are interested in PvP

Hello! we are a newly formed PVP guild. We are looking for experienced players who know their class and are willing to put the time and effort in to dominating the competition in all aspects of PvP.

We currently have opening in our MAIN RBG group. 1800+





We also are looking for active players for Arena's and World PvP. Currently we have no rating requirement for guild members however if you wish to participate in one of our RBG groups please have at least 1800+ experience in Arena's/RBG's

If you have any questions or would like more info please contact "Legeñd" -ingame or "BigMike#1740" -Battletag
tried adding you but says player not found
I am currently looking for a hardcore PvP guild. I have been playing a hunter since Vanillia. I am in full Malv, and currently working on my Tyrannical weapon. I know my class, i have Vent and Skype. I am currently residing on Blackrock but want to find a guild that breaths PvP as much as i do. I am a maxed out alchemist. I do not have the rating you desire because i refuse to pay for it to be leveled and if you don't have it no one wants to run with you. In the old pvp system i made it up to knight-LT before i quit. I'd like a guild that works on progression. I'd love to hear from you so please reply.
I am currently looking to transfer my boomkin and fdk to a higher pop sever and looking for a guild to rbg with are you still looking for people to join.
Yes we are still looking for people! I updated the post today for our current openings and if you could contact me in-game that works the best I dont always get around to checkign the forums. ^_^

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