Has anyone thought about why...

Jab is the weakest move yet it is also the only one to use our weapons?
Well jab is our resource builder, like a hunter's cobra/steady shot, which aren't very powerful moves. If they made jab more powerful they would just nerf our kicks to even it out. So really no different.

I believe the original idea was for monks to not have weapons, then they added them to jab just for aesthetics (speculation).

Also I found out recently that our kicks actual work off of weapon damage, so although you don't see it, our weapons influence all our moves really.
Also, and this is purely an aside, during very early designs of the class, Monks were suppoed to have "finishing moves" that utilized weapons in the animations. And, but finishing moves, from what I understand, these were more a result of combo or even driven scenarios in combat, and not finishing moves like we think of them from combo points mechanics on rogues and feral druids.

That being said, I think they just wound up either running out of time or realizing how much work this would necessitate, and reduced things to mostly unarmed animations, which Jab being the only weapon using ability.

Kind of sad honestly. But, hey... how often do you see bears and cats using their staves and polearms. /shrug

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