Recommendations for BM stats/Rotations/Transm

Hello Everyone
This monk is mostly an LFR tank, sometimes a normal raid tank.
I've noticed a few instances where she takes a bit more damage than some of the others take (which I usually try to negate on a yellow stagger). I also notice that a few other Brewmasters have done more damage than me, thus it's been harder to keep aggro off them on a tank swap (i.e. Yu'lon).

This isn't a tremendous problem, but it's one I would like to ratify asap. I get the feeling that gems/transmogs should swing more in the direction of agil rather than stam (at least that's what I've noticed on some item inspections.
Any advice based on the items I am using?

BTW, if I'm not holding the right weapon - I usually carry a 471 staff un-reforged with Haste and Crit.. not very good but all I've been able to get so far.

On a final note, if anyone can recommend a 'WC3 Brewmaster' transmog (if you can imagine that my monk is actually wielding a typical monk staff from the vendors) that would be much appreciated.
Go to Will show you everything you need. :)
Read the sticky at the top of this forum. icyveins is crap.

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