Illidan is Coming...

Even the Joker needed an ego to match his wily and entertaining antics. Respect where it is due. You have burst that I don't see even on the Isle. But at the same time, you should probably not choose to stealth in front of me on the very staircase I'm patrolling. Or is it the tease factor that the hunted lobs at the hunter?

Timing mass dispels is becoming an art form again, now that it's on an 8-sec cooldown. And with all those serpent statues in the bank room getting in the way of the aiming reticule.

This is what I love... feed back. For instance, I had no idea that people had trouble dispelling my divine shield after I had killed their own in the bank. It had never crossed my mind.... ( the statues you say )

When it comes to city fighting, which I have been " dedicated " to since vanilla...the thing that has evolved my game has always been the honest feed back from players.

Thank you for better helping me understand some of my success. Again as always this is not sarcastic, but sincere gratitude.

Let me extend you the second invitation I've given out tonight. Switch factions and I'll show you a game that is funner that you've ever played in wow before. Let me show you a game where the hunters are truly afraid of their pray. Let me show you how to shake to pillar's of heaven ( sorry I had to put in a Big Trouble in Little China reference ) .

Msg me in game if you are interested.
10/10 times I would kill you but since you decide to use your little bubble to not actually lose a battle when its fair is just so hilarious. I guarantee any semi-good PvP geared player could take you down if you didn't bubble when they defend themselves. I literally LOL'ed so hard when I watched you drop from just 1 chaos bolt. Then its like cyclone > bubble > run away like a poon.

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