Late night/weekend raiding guild

Looking for a raiding guild that raids either late night, after 7:30 server or weekends. I will be attending school in Arizona and will not get done until 7:05 server. Have some decently geared toons, Spriest, Frost DK and Resto Druid. Have not really raided due to being in school prior and look to get back into raiding once school starts if not before. Even if I just sit on the sidelines for now with chances of progressing into a raid spot is good for me. Any info or guilds looking would be great. Kootybear#1468.
Check out: [Pwny Express]

We not only raid after 7:30 pm server for most of our raids, but we have multiple time slots available to sign up for.

Also note, we have been experiencing a flux in raiders being that we are a casual guild. Recently we have been short players on a regular basis, and ended up raiding with 8 or 9.

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