fresh lfr geared boomkin LF raiding guild

I raided in bc-cata, and have heroic experience as well. I learn quick, and always research fights on my own. I prefer 25 mans, but 10 is fine too. I'm available to raid any night, and I am willing to switch to alliance if need be. Feel free to contact me on here or in-game, and/or link me to your applications.

Thanks for your time
Hit me up @ Warfromabove#1526 and we'll talk.
Hey Scadlicious,

Consider No Quarter as your place to apply. We have a vibrant raid atmosphere and the hunger to compete to be the best. We have a lot of raiders with the pedigree and experience to accomplish our goals and leadership that goes back to vanilla. What does this mean? It means we don't quit. We fight, and we'd love for you to consider fighting next to us. Here is a link to our app. If you are on tichondrious, feel free to contact Myrkel for any questions regarding guild, etc. Thanks for your time.

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