hello all, need some advice on spec for pvp.

Well i quit playing after i hit 90 because of work(drilling oil) now have 2 months off for spring breakup. I am wanting to get pvp gear and been playing with my son and was wondering which spec i should be playing in battlegrounds. I pretty much forgot my rotations and am slowly picking up the flow(very slow)
Has anything changed since mop release for us?
Any help would be great ty.

Oh if i should be in holy for pvp how is that spec for pve now?
Well what is you son playing? Do you want to be a healer? A support/dps? Ect.... Since you can fill 2 to 3 roles as a paladin.
I do not have a Paladin, but just based on RBG experience, go Holy.

Melee specs in RBGs are simple not wanted unless they're DKs or Rogues. And Protection is out of the question these days.

Holy is great in PvE. I actually prefer having Holy Paladins over any other class as my main heal when I'm tanking.

If your son has a DPS spec class, I suggest just going Holy and healing for him.
I would say holy due to them being more wanted than the others. Ret is only good every few minutes and prot is the worst pvp tank out there

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