Looking for Group: Challenge Modes.

Anyone making a gold challenge mode group? I wanna get my transmog set, 505 Protection Warrior or 491 SMF. I know items get scaled down but thought I would add that. If anyone wants to get one going or already has one going gimme a shout in game.

Current Group:

Larry (Tank)
Dysthymia (DPS)
No one?
I would like to do them. I also have a shammy that can go ( even though I hate the shammy t mog). I have one silver on this toon. I could also bring a healer.
I'd love to get one going I took a 3 month break back in October and missed out on much of the fun. 522 ilvl SV hunter
Pessa has been looking to finish off his golds. You should hunt him down.
So me and Pessa are going to be making a group. Pst me ingame for details, needing a healer + DPS
I'm down, been wanting to find a challenge mode group for a while.
Havn't seen you online but like I said before I'm very interested.
I'm definitely down to come. (Heals btw) Been searching for a challenge mode group for a long time now.
Little late here, but I would love to do these if anyone is still wanting to get these going.
Currently Looking for a EXPERIENCED HEALER to get this thing on the road.
Really want to get these going
If your interested MSG Larry or me in game Dysthymic#1120
Discipline Priest looking for stable or pug runs of all Challenge modes to a Gold standard.

Currently has 9/9 Silver Experience.


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