tailoring- silkworm overload

I have two tailoring alts that use the daily once a day CD on creating imperial silk, where I turn into spell thread to sell.
So far during the whole span I've proc'd a imperial moth a few times, which is good because they sell for a couple hundred on the AH.
Then I get a proc for imperial silkworms, and so far I've gotten more than a couple dozen between my tailors. I'm gonna ask tailors what do you do with them?
They auction house for around 1 gold, which is hardly worth the listing fee. Plus the AH is flooded with them from other tailors. I just vendor it for 12 silver and 50 copper.
I must confess I have been vendoring them too. kind of sad because its a pet.. you know.. but when it's so common there really isn't anything productive to do with it if you don't have the storage space.
Ive been vendoring mine. They are down to 2g in our AH. Ive given away all I can. Not worth taking up the bag space.
I mail them to my guildies from my alt they don't know about. Some of them get confused, it's lovely.
I think you there should be a NPC where one could turn in 5 (10) of the silkworms for a moth.

As for what I do with them, I either vendor or I just throw them out.

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