Wayward Enforcers LFM

Aerie Peak
I'm looking for a couple of great players and people for my raid team!

Raid times are Wednesday evenings, 4:30-7:30pm SERVER, and Saturday morning 6-9*AM* server.

We need a great 3rd healer, preferably with a DPS offspec-- no more priests please (we have 2 already) so monk, druid, shaman, or pally would be great.

We also are in need of one more talented DPS, preferably not a hunter as we have two of those already as well.

Min iLvl for consideration is 495 right now. This team is 2/12, but with a couple solid additions, will move on quickly.

Please contact me, Bearric, or PÄinfulbliss in game if you're interested.
Just need a good, reliable healer or healer with decent OS abilities now!
Looking for a great mage as we continue to focus on becoming a more progression oriented team.
My team still would like a good mage, but I just got word that another of our teams (we'll call it "Team 3") wants/needs a reliable disc priest or monk heals, pref with DPS OS, and a couple strong DPS. They raid Tuesday/Wed evening EST time (I think 7-10 EST). I guess you can find me online and I'll direct you to somebody on their team.

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