Burning Embers AddOn

I'm in the process of reworking my UI and I need an addon for tracking my burning embers as destro. Everything I've found in the forums suggests one of the many aura tracking addons.

All I really want is an addon that allows me to move and resize the default burning embers tracker that's included in the stock UI. I just want to move it to the middle of my screen near my cast bar.

Any suggestions?
moveanything is what you're looking for
I use NugComboBar to track them.


It is listed as a rogue addon but it works great for tracking embers shards and even holy power on my pally. It is light easily customizable and looks very cool as well.
Weakauras isn't just for that one thing. And it does tons more than move/resize.

But that is why I love it. You can display burning embers exactly where you want to, and have it look exactly how you want it to.

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