Trinket help also gear if you want.TY

I have Relic of Xuen
+956 Strength
Equip: Your melee attacks have a chance to grant Blessing of the Celestials, increasing your Strength by 82 for 15 sec.


Iron Belly Wok
+1079 Strength
Use: Increases your haste by 86 for 15 sec.

I Went Into Raid and got

Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun - Incase people dont know what it does.
Item Level 502
+1218 Hit
Equip: Your attacks have a chance to grant Feathers of Fury, granting 1107 Strength every 2 sec for 20 sec.

I'am just curious if its acctually better I mean I got the hit covered and everything I just figured I'd lose out on alot of str, since it has a chance to buff and the other 2 trinkets have a constant str buff. So any help be great
Feather is better than both the trinkets you have, and worlds better than Wok.

You'd be over hit cap with it, but you can actually reforge a lot lower than you're at right now
Feather of Ji-Kun is a really good trinket, use it with the relic of xuen. Iron Belly Wok, even upgraded to 2/2, is weaker than both of those.
WoK is like the worst trinket you can have lol replace it with feather
what everyone else said.
Feather and Xuen.

And change your red strength gems to orange strength/haste gems. Would also recommend Pandaren's Step on your boots if you're not using PoJ on the movement tier; that extra 8% speed still helps.

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