5.2 boomkin rbg questions

Ok, so I have been gone for a bit, and I had some general RBG questions. With changes to our dmg, cyclone etc, I am wondering about the tactics for rbg's as a boomkin. Mainly in the big fights at the beginning of the games, but most of the questions still apply to the situations after that also. I may be missing out on what some of the changes mean as far as number crunching so please let me know what changes I need to make to maximize my usefulness.

First I will toss out what I do in the big group clashes. I start by using astral communion to get one tick from lunar eclipse. I enter the fight near the back and hit Starfall. I then use wrath to go lunar and start putting mf and sf on anything in range. When Starfall 1 is over I use incarnation/natures vigil/pvp trinket and pop SF2 from entering lunar. At this point I try to get my solar beam on a healer with vortex. I spread mf/sf until starfall2 ends, then celestial alignment and starfall3. Lastly I spread mf to everything which also does sf.

My questions
1. In big fights, is keeping cyclone on a dps higher priority than spreading mf/sf? I say dps bc healers seem to be too far back for cyclone range unless I over extend or a dk grips them.

2. I hardly use mushrooms except as a way to spin the flags...should I keep them on the grp or is that a waste of time?

3. After my cds are blown, Should I be mainly spreading my mf/sf to everything and staying in lunar, while throwing ss procs at the focus or should I just mf/sf the focus and blast him with starfire and wrath to get back into lunar eclipse/refresh Starfall?

4. When I do fall out of lunar, while in a big fight, should I AC to solar, AC all the way back to lunar, or spam cast my way back to lunar. Right now I AC to solar and continue spreading mf/sf until I fall out again from ss procs. Then I AC back to lunar.

5. I read either eclipse is fine to be in but isn't lunar more dmg?

6. Where do my off-heals sit priority wise? It seems that my cc helps more than my weak offheals unless I specced into HOTW. And is HOTW worth the dps loss?

Sorry if that's a lot, but I'm trying to maximize my usefulness in the big fights. Thanks for the help!
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6489880514?page=8 is the moonkin pvp thread

In the opener, you are right by being one cast from lunar... but the way you handle it after there is not very optimal.

You should be doing starfall -> Wrath -> Incarnation / DPS trinket -> Moonfire on all targets in range (no sunfires) -> refresh starfall when it wears off -> once you reach 0 lunar energy -> CA -> moonfire everyone -> refresh starfall when (#2 starfall wears off).

The point is to keep your Incarnation eclipsed buffed for as long as possible.

1. Most of the time yes, you want to be cycloning a warlock or a dps who is training a healer on your team.

2. Waste of time, your group will be slowing everyone with their aoe effects

3. You should only be casting your eclipsed dot on everyone in range, and casting proc'd SS's into the focus target (depending on how lucky you are with procs, after you have your eclipsed dot rolling on everyone and if you are not getting procs, then start on your non eclipsed dot).

4. NO! never AC in a team fight, cuz if that gets interrupted you are completely locked out + it's a pretty big dmg output loss.. you should still be casting to reach the next eclipse

5. The only reason why lunar is better is because of starfall / resetting starfall CD

6. I personally run Hotw, and i do not believe that it is a dps loss.. its more of a way to even out your pressure so that you are putting out more numbers throughout the entire fight... + on the bonus side it is a really good defensive ability, and has saved me many times in RBG's since moonkin is usually one of the first chars targeted
1) Cyclone - Use it. CC is the quintessential component to victory in PvP. It's worth spending the time casting in a group fight situation.

2) Shrooms - I haven't used them in RBG's because they don't seem worth the effort. Go cat form and swipe on that flag, you'll get more flag-spinning in than popping mushrooms imo.

3) Your eclipse state will constantly change. Make the most of it. Once your cooldowns are up, keep all those fires up and toss Skillsurges at your focus target. When you get a shooting star proc, I suggest you cast a wrath/starfire and immediately toss your skillsurge after the cast. It'll smoke your target for a big piece of burst.

4) Don't spend more than a few seconds using AC at a time. It isn't worth the damage loss from spamming moon/sunfires while still eclipsed. If you're out of an eclipse, it's worth using while repositioning.

5) The eclipse you're in doesn't affect how much damage you deal. Starsurge counts as both types of damage. It's in PvE where you need to be solar for major aoe damage. You do want to get back to lunar to get another free starfall, however.

6) For RBG's I use Nature's Vigil. Because of how rated pvp works, losing the damage (10% every 1.5 minutes adds up over a 20 minute fight) isn't worth gaining some offheals. For regular PvP I use HoTW for catform fun.

Hope that helps. Btw, this is coming from an 1800ish RBG rating perspective. Some of the fancier 2200+ players might have different opinions.

Thanks for the tips. I will try using just the eclipsed spell and dropping more cyclones. It seems like having sf and mf would give you more chances at ss proc, but i guess you did say go back and use the other if u blanket everyone in range. I use the shrooms for times when everyone gets feared away from the flag and the aoe guy calls for help. I can see how hotw would be nice for an overall dps boost bc it gives you flat intel boost. Which is nice.

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